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  1. Lenovo B570

    I bit the bullet and decided to flash the BIOS I had posted earlier in this thread. I worked and I switched the WiFi card to one that was not in the original BIOS's whitelist. It's running great!
  2. Lenovo B570

    Which BIOS did you flash? Do the Z570 and to B570 share the same BIOS?
  3. Lenovo B570

    So I was going to try the WWAN port trick but our WWAN port doesn't have holes for the screws for a half length card. Has anyone dared to test the BIOS I posted?
  4. Lenovo B570

    Unfortunately, I'm one of the ones with the incompatible Broadcom 4313. I searched Google until I found the following BIOS mod. It removes the whitelist completely from the BIOS. http://www.bios-mods...ist-Mod-Request More specifically http://dl.dropbox.co..._ByCamiloml.exe But I'm weary about trying an untried BIOS from an unknown website. Anyone ever heard of this site? Anyone want to try this? EDIT: Has anyone tried a wifi card in the WWAN slot with pin 20 taped over? I may try it, today.