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  1. use prepared vmdk floating around the net.
  2. Resolution issues

    type at boot: Graphics Enabler=No "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32" use graphics mode with quotes and 1920x1080 is resolution and x32 is colour bits.
  3. properly edit ur dsdt. Customize install iatkos ml2. Vga>disable nvidia kexts,ati kexts and intel kexts boot with GraphicsEnabler=No copy nvidia kexts (they wil be in hdd>library>temp>backupnvidia) to s\l\e after setting up osx. Edit dev.id in kexts apply the necesary opencl and other patches.
  4. choose imac12,1 and edit ur dsdt properly choose imac12,1 and edit ur dsdt properly delete my double post plz. I am using my crapy handset
  5. Lenovo Z470 Kernel Panic, Freezed Logo.

    type cpus= type at boot: cpus=1 Graphics Enabler=No -x -v -f And copy nullcpupowermanagement.kext and fakesmc.kext to system\library\extensions if osx not booting copy those kexts by using transmac in windows 7. If transmac not copying then go to transmac>options>pc setting and select read and write. Restart transmac and copy kexts by drag and drop. Good day! ignore my very 1st line. My bad. Thankx. UseKernelCache=No use that too
  6. still i wont buy it. Happy with my hd 6670.
  7. Clover General discussion

    Thank u. I will try clover efi when my exams are over. is this info upto date for latest clover r1140?
  8. I have a Challenge for hackintoshers. I just cant boot into my os x. Its has legacy kernal by nawcom ,with stock kernal it dosent boot. And it is mac os x10.6.8. The first screenshot displays what i do at startup. The second screenshot displays some progress. The third screenshot displays where it freezes. Help required Plz. This is my first post on any forum. Sorry if i post in wrong section. *I dont have VT-x so i use 32bit mode and kernal. I am running it on vmware. I think its near to boot into the os.