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  1. Improve speed of rEFIt?

    I had a USB attached them seemed to be slowing down the boot process.
  2. Improve speed of rEFIt?

    Using the Mac OS Disk Utility I hit repair disk and it didn't seem to improve anything. I also timed it and once I hear the restart sound it took 107 seconds for the rEFIt screen to pop up which allows me to chose an OS. Is there any other solutions?
  3. Improve speed of rEFIt?

    I have a Mac Mini Server (mid 2011) and I have used bootcamp to dual boot a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate OS. When I had originally set up dual boot system when I hit option on the keyboard it only took 5-10 seconds for the different hard drives to show up. It started to take over a minute of me holding the option key to show the different partitions so I decided to download rEFIt, hoping it would speed up the process or at least not force me to hold option the entire time. What is the normal time after a restart it should take rEFIt to load and allow me to chose my OS? Is there anyway to speed up the process or is over a minute a normal time to show rEFIt (doesn't include the OS bootup time)?