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  1. ..First of all I want to thank Xzeil for adding custom personalities to Aticontroller4600.kext & guiding me through this... What you have to do: As the topic says the guide is to enable qe & ci & get full resolution 1368*768 on dell studio 1555 having graphics card Ati mobility radeon HD 4570 You need to have following: 1. iAtkos l2 (10.7.2) installed on your studio or install it (It's very easy, while installation select ATY.init during customization or install the it mannually, given in attached file) 2. After a succesful installation you need to install the Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r780_trunk_4570m_Shrike given in the attached file(it's a .pkg file too easy to install). 3.Then you have to install the following kexts from the attached files(say copy & replace, or else it will panic) & repair the permissions using kext wizard or kext utility. 4. You will have to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes while booting. 5. You will have to patch you DSDT using DSDTSE utility or perhaps you can use my DSDT(Given in the attached file, woked for me but not sure if it'll work for you or nor since my system is in my signature.. ), to patch your DSDT follow Xzeil's guide(once again thanks Xzeil) ..http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=272953 6.That's it...Celebrate What I did : 1.Fresh installation of iAtkos l2. 2. Used Xzeil's Aticontroller4600.kext 3. Added support of shrike personality in ATY_Init.kext(Just edited info.plist file under ati 4600 family replaced motmot personality by shrike ) since everytime I was getting an error Radionmonitor Unkon device id..bhla bhla...took a lot of time to figure out. ..but finally victory... :-) 4.Patched my DSDT, put it at /. 5.Reboot 6.Celebrated.... Enjoy. Keep geeking around...! My System.rar DSDTSE.zip
  2. Hi Xzeil, I did whatever you told me to do including: 1: Installed your patched kext along with the original ATIFramebuffer.kext from the lion dmg file. 2:Then I used boot flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes & AtiConfig=Shrike (I have included my com.boot.plist in the attached file. 3.Ya & I modified my DSDT with the help of DSDTSE utility, in that i needed to use Method DTGP(to eliminate all the errors) along with your mods as per the 1st step of this guide. I directly copy pasted your DSDT.mod in mine in the right place :angel_not: as my machine is also same as yours studio 1555 512MB ATI radeon HD 4570. 4. Then i was getting error in early boot screens as "ATI card posted ...this is not recoverable error", so i installed chameleon 2.0 rc5 r 780 trunk( given in zip file :wink2: :wink2: ) 5. This new chameleon fixed my last error, and then while booting i got the same error ( one which i had posted yesterday.... the image ). It said ATI4600Controller.kext not loaded & then last but not least my display screen showed grey black patches in between the white color & I couldn't get to my desktop. 6. then again when i rebooted with GraphicsEnabler=No & checked system info.....voila i saw my graphics card was detected as ATI Radeon mobility HD 4570 512MB ....but no qe ci. I don't know exactly what problem is... but 4600controller kext is not getting loaded. And still unsure about the DSDT.mod plz plz check it. I was wondering if your & mine machine is same so if i used your dsdt.aml as it is....will that be ok? & sorry for this all trouble. My System.zip
  3. Hi xzeil, thanks a lot for the kext, I installed it, repaired permissions but there is some problem (see image below) may be because of: 1.I have lion 10.7 dp4(11A480e)..and i am using chameleon boot loader , 2. I don't have: a. com.boot.plist(still my pc boots with -v ncpi=0x2000 boot flags) b. smbios.plist c. patched dstd e. ATI framebuffer.kext f. ATY init.kext I know i am very close to it thanks to you but i think something's missing , would you plz take a look at it.
  4. Will you plz upload the patched kext , I am also on the same machine & same OS x 10.7 ....searched a hell for qe & ci ....here you are with hopes...??
  5. I currently have lion 10.7 dp4 installed on my studio 1555 with no qe & ci . And I don't have any hope of getting it done, so I want to ask if I install 10.6.6 as per this guide with working qe & ci , and then upgrade it to lion .....will I still have qe & ci activated on my dell studio 1555.???