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    Power Hackintosh G5 auf ebay

    Sehe ich genauso :-)
  2. x5900

    Power Hackintosh G5 auf ebay

    Im Prinzip steht alles dort, da die G5-Gehäuse in einem halbwegs unverbastelten Zustand relativ schwer zu bekommen sind kann sich vielleicht jemand hier viel Mühe sparen der einen Umbau plant. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...E:IT&ih=005
  3. x5900

    Complete 10.4.9 Install DVD

    Dude, I totally hear you, but I'd be rather happy to go with an final and rock solid Tiger as with a first version of Leopard ... know what I'm saying? I guess starting over again with Leopard's first release on my machine would also mark the first circle on my way down to upgrade hell, which I honestly believe would be paved with more different kernel versions and brickmy{censored}.kext's than there're possible fathers for Anna Nicole's offspring ... so I'll light a candle and hope someone puts together a shiny new and stressless 10.4.9 release.
  4. x5900

    Complete 10.4.9 Install DVD

    Errandwolfe, please let me know if that's what you've found is what we're looking for, if we both saw the same package then I guess it's just an archive of stuff you'll need to upgrade, but I dye grass. Omega, with new kernel you've meant 8.9.1, right?
  5. Is there a chance that a new 10.4.9 Install DVD is showing up anytime soon in the usual places? I'm just wondering because the update is already out for a time and it would be nice to have a (maybe) final Tiger on one DVD instead of going through all those updating processes over and over with every installation ... you know what I mean. Btw, does Natit work with 10.4.9 and the new kernel?
  6. I'm running JaS 10.4.8 and my CPU fan is always on top speed, even in idle mode, it just doesn't regulate the fan down ... did anybody experienced the same thing? Is this a general issue or is there anything I missed out on? Oh and before you ask, same thing happens even if the board isn't mounted in any kind of case.
  7. Yes, I checked it, those are the new ones and no, absolutly no problems with USB at all ... where do they add support for USB devices actually? I could counter check with the updated files on my Mac Mini, just need to know a place to start ...
  8. Same problem here, Device ID 7183, as it turns out there's no solution for this kind of card. If you change the Kext to match ID 7183, it will only result in kernel panic. If you change it 7142, nothing will happen, but there will be no kernel panic after that. There's one last thing I'm going to try before I'll trade this card in, this will be flashing the ROM of this card in exchange for an older one with a different ID. I have no clue if this is gonna work, but honestly, I'm kinda low of ideas after trying everything else, go on and call desperation on this :-) If anyone has a card with Device ID 7142, it would be great if he uses Atiwinflash (http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/Utilities/BIOS_Flashing/ATI) to make a ROM dump and then share the romfile with us. If this won't work, at least it won't brick the card, because I can flash the original bios back in.
  9. Mhh, that's funky ... I'm also trying to install an X1300 Pro, PCIe (Sapphire), but right after the installation was finished, the card isn't recognized properly. I've used the "JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Integrated.iso". I tried a clean install, first time with the Titan package which the ISO provides, second time I unchecked Titan and tried onlay AtiX1x000_pcie package, still no luck. The third attempt included the Natit_Uni_1.0.pkg from Neo's website, after install the card was recognized as X1300 Series in OSX, but no QE/CI support, which renders this option equally useless. Could anyone who installed a X1300 Pro with QE/CI can give us a quick rundown what he exactly did, which packages he'd choose on install etc.? And yes, I've tried to search around in the forum first but, no offense, the search function here sucks asses, big time ... Candybars for everyone who help us out! :-)
  10. Just wondering, my XBOX Live Vision Cam got fully supported in the recent (original Apple) update 10.4.9 on my Mac Mini - I've already updated my JaS 10.4.7 to 10.4.9 (including new Kernel 8.9.1), but it still wont be recognized. Did I missed something?
  11. x5900

    Xbox Live Gamer Tag Thread

    Gamertag: X5900 RB6 Vegas, Graw2, Crackdown, Gears etc. Guys, has anyone updated to MacOS X 10.4.9 lately and got his XBOX LIVE Vision Cam working? On my Mac Mini it works fine with 10.4.9, under OsX86 10.4.9, nothing ... just curious.
  12. kaly: Really, thanks for ur help! (fsb=133 did it) I also used Software Update to install Apple Quicktime 7.1.5, now everthing works, movies where shown as before and no sound stuttering at all. And man, I got a serious speedboost with Kernel 8.9.1. Awesome, thanks to all of you :-)
  13. Installation on ASRock 775i945GZ (i945+GMA950). CPU was a Celeron D336. Used the 8.9.1 Kernel. I installed the update and everything worked flawlessly, after reboot System Profiler showed me 4Ghz Core Solo instead of my Celeron D336, but hey, I can live with that. Sound had to be reinstalled, worked. BIGGEST PROBLEM: Intel GMA950 support. System Profiler shows everything correctly, CI/QE suppoerted, Device was also shown correctly, GMA950. But here's the thing, in Quicktime I get only a white screen, no matter which format, VLC shows the Movie but the sound is stuttering. Anyone with the same Problem? Btw, under 10.4.7 everything worked.