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  1. no display detected 8400GS

    heelllppp plleeeaaasss
  2. heeeelllllllllllpppp UUUPPPP
  3. no display detected 8400GS

  4. no display detected 8400GS

    actually i can't see the deffrence,can you show me an example ? or is there any other ways to test QE/CI ? --- Edit: QE/CI works i can play chess and my taskbar is translucent
  5. no display detected 8400GS

    well i didn't tried out yet but what is the best way to check it ?
  6. no display detected 8400GS

    hello i installed iATKOS L2 "10.7.2' it sounds great but i had a problem with my monitor.... system configuration say no display detected, i use my 39'TV as a monitor. when i connect VGA to the built-in port it works perfectly but when i use the 8400GS the screen doesn't work and write No Signal .. PS: i can see the boot menu and everything when i start the PC but when i reach apple logo and finish the spinning ,screen turns to blank and write no signal i can use Teamviewer to control the hackintosh ,but i don't know what to do really tried Detect display in setting but didn't work .. hope you guys help me oh BTW, when i installed windows 7 i had the same problem but the solution was easy .. only press detect display and it worked ... Hackintosh recognize the Graphics card 8400GS in system information
  7. if you have installed chameleon RC 4 then you can get native(1366x768) by installing chameleon rc4 v2 from here http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/chameleon-2-rc4-for-intel-gma-version-2/