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  1. I am sorry I know this must be like the dumbest question EVER but how the H! do I download this .iso?! I mean, where is the link! XD. Please help I am starting to die a little in my inside (Kidding LOL!!).
  2. Apple's website font?

    where?? But.. are they available for Windows? because I have my Illustrator licence on Windows only ..(stupid me)
  3. Apple's website font?

    Thank you!!! very helpful!! I have to buy them right?? --->> (Means..."can you give me a link to download them?" )
  4. Will Aero work on my...

    You should download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, then it will tell you which version is better for your machine.... but it sometimes tells you X version is better and when you install that X version it crashes!
  5. What Linux Distro Would you reccommend for me?

    Try Ubuntu... if you really want to use Linux ystems only. If not, keep with your WXP.
  6. What's wrong with Ubuntu 7.04

    The new features of Ubuntu 7 are something you cant say "Wow!" you can only say "oh.. ok..." I am a Linux user since 4 months now, and so many headckes have come to me because of ubuntu, the repositories, the Terminal oh god! its just something that is NOT nice for a new user to the Linux World! you have to be a Linux user for over a year to really like it!, I've been from Windows 98, 2000, XP, then to Ubuntu 6 to Mac OS X and had an old computer after that with Ubuntu 7, and really... I prefer Mac OS X, because as much as everyone says it.. it just works!
  7. Hi guys! (and girls !) Can anyone tell me which font does Apple uses in their web site??? the onw in the images of course, the text is Arial, but in the images they use for head banners like the one in the iPhone section? Thank you!!
  8. XP+Vista existing OS, adding MAC OSX?

    Darwin will let you chose what boot option you want (Mac, Vista, XP) beleive I have seen that, and if you decide to unistall Mac, erase the Mac partition with Parition Magic and then set the Vista or XP partition active.
  9. Help with boot problem! (Damn PC's!)

    Ok if you are going to help m that way I dont need your help!! anyway I figure it out myself, it was as simple as erasing the Linux partition and setting my Windows Partition as active, not all that hard way you mentioned, but thnak you anyway..
  10. Help with boot problem! (Damn PC's!)

    Ok..WHAT!? I am more confused now! if I erase linux partition and ONLY leave Windows Partiotion, wouldnt it load Windows???!
  11. Help with boot problem! (Damn PC's!)

    It would but the only windows I have is the DVD Image that comes with my laptop! and it only brings the option "Erase and restore" there have to be a way in which I can erase the Linux partition!! why does the boot in windows have to crash! f&^#$$ing windows!
  12. Help with boot problem! (Damn PC's!)

    What do you mean with "press r"??? I am running Windows XP Home Edition and what is "grub"?? sorry but I am kind of a newbie in boot subjects!
  13. Ok.. I might get killed for posting this here, but I thought it was the best place to. I have a PC with Windows and Ubuntu Dapper installed. Now... I want to erase Ubuntu from my PC and leave only Windows, and I want to know if I erase the partition of Ubuntu, will my boot crash?? I mean, will Windows still be able to boot by itself after erasing Ubuntu's partition??, I can erase the partition using Patition Magic 8.0, can you guys tell me if there will be any problem?!
  14. [How To] ALC882 Sound

  15. True true true!! Is there any real advanced for Intel Cards?!!!