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  1. Intel Wireless driver

    I took a few moments to look into your problem, and with a few clever google searches it appears that you do infact have a Intel 2200bg wireless nic; but I would not rely on this alone. I learned some time ago that it is always best to go off any part numbering listed on the card itself. What I suggest to you is to remove any panels leading to your wireless nic and see what you have labeled on the card, if there is some kind of label sticker you may even have to remove that; I say this because i've seen intel wireless nic's that are infact broadcom chipsets. If all else fails cross reference any numbers that look like part/model numbers on the label and also on any chips or even the pcb using google or your favorite search engine. Goodluck!
  2. Intel Wireless driver

    Just wanted to update, the command line networkSelector was recently fixed by kemenarar to correctly display the information about your 3945abg, also the nsGUI does not currently support the 3945abg cards.
  3. Intel Wireless driver

    iwi3945 rev 422 Driver loads no problem. System stalls after option 1 in network selector, no information is displayed after selecting option 1. Google account is: cmanbrown@gmail.com system.txt ioreg.txt dmesg.txt
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    Do you know any way to listen to commands sent from driver to device and vice versa? Where are you getting these interrupts from? Darwin boot?
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    Just wondering if there was some easier way to find out which hack is necessary for 3945. By 0x30, you mean calling that interrupt, correct? Is there a way to trace commands from drivers to devices and vice versa? That would make things much easier... I've started debugging a bit when using network selector option(1), checking the system log after I run this command... I've only tested up to revision 410 so I don't know how 414 reacts, . System starts to hang after selecting option(1) but the system is still responsive, just very slow... probably 100% cpu usage or something; but no kernel panic. Also there are several items in the system log that I cannot trace back to a source, items such as "MAC Adress: <correctly reported mac address>". Just trying to find at exactly what point driver causes the system to hang, any ideas? Also I've checked bg_alive_start() and configureConnection() methods but not sure what I am looking for... A question about networkselector. I am getting MAC address reported as ff:ff:ff:ff:ff , etc... but driver is loading correctly and seeing correct MAC after loading iwi3945.kex, also seeing correct info in system profiler, ifconfig. Could this be a cause of any issues? If so, any ideas? I just wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate everyone's effort in developing and testing these drivers!
  6. Intel Wireless driver

    I use this as well, it is very useful! Quick question about downloading the sources, is there fast way to download everything in the /trunk/iwi3945 folder recursively? Answered my own question, found SmartSVN, can be downloaded from here. Ok, RapidSVN is better in my opinion... can be downloaded here.
  7. Intel Wireless driver

    Guys, really sheds some light on things! I appreciate it, I am working on debugging the bg_start_alive() function... You want me to see what causes the system to crash, right? If so, i'll do this by commenting/uncommenting bits of the code, etc... Also instead of booting to Aqua each time after moving kext to extensions, is there a way I can test all of this after booting with -s? So far I get the kext to load no problem, but I do not see en1 after running ifconfig. I always see en1 listed with correct MAC address when I load system to Aqua. I think I need to be restarting a service... Any ideas? Forgive my lack of unix knowledge
  8. Intel Wireless driver

    I am working on it. I am using Xcode version 2.4.1 . I have downloaded all of the files listed in the trunk/svn/ folder. I have some questions becuase I am experiencing problems when compiling... Is it possible that I am missing essential files? Which files or trees should I be downloading specifically, and which verision of Xcode should I obtain? FYI I am getting a permission error during a release type build. "cp: /system/library/extensions/iwi3945.kext" Also, I do not have the option to build and go. I apologize as I am not familiar with Xcode. All help is appreciated!
  9. Intel Wireless driver

    I would very much like to help with getting the 3945 driver working properly.. I have experience with c++, and a copy of Xcode... is there anything that i can do to help?
  10. Intel Wireless driver

    iwi3945 rev 404, no panic, device id ok within system profiler. MAC address matches hardware. System freezes after selecting option (1) of networkselector from within Aqua... Kernel Panic when option (1) is selected from within networkselector when booting with -s option see picture for more info!! WOW A lot of progress has been made since my last post!! Great job to everyone!
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    Found a link from Apple's Developer website to download Xcode. Click here.
  12. Intel Wireless driver

    Likewise... I actually made a script so that I don't forget, lol Also made script for uninstalling iwi3945, if interested I can attach.... Working on getting Xcode... any ideas? If possible I would like to you help develop, though I don't know much about writing drivers... I have programming background in C++ and Java... maybe with Xcode I could be of some use to you and this project.
  13. Intel Wireless driver

    Yeah, small world it seems! Glad to help ya Java! Thanks for all of your time.
  14. Intel Wireless driver

    IWI3945, Kernel panic
  15. Intel Wireless driver

    IWI3945: Kernel panic Kernel Panic