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  1. Aliab... l a mise en veille manuelle ou automatique fonctionne? pouvez l'ordinateur sortie de veille? merci merci merci!
  2. Hi! I am running Mac OsX 10.8.0 My rear usb ports aren't working. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? thanks a lot!
  3. maddoc

    Asus 1215N and dsdt 4gb

    Hi! I tried to install Snow Leopard but had no luck! Here's what I did: 1. Formatted a usb pendrive using Disk Utility (set MBR) 2. Restored Snow Leopard 10.6.0 on it 3. Run Netbookinstaller provided by The Hawk and replaced the "extra" with the one provided by The Hawk I got Kernel panick (found 1 core instead of 2). I suspect it's a problem of dstd my Asus 1215N has 4gb Ram and bios 0605 Anyone could provide me a working dsdt or help me going further? thanks a lot!
  4. Hello! I'm writing here after trying every possible install I tried to install my system using Iaktos Leopard 10.5.5 The install was successfull, everything works smooth after patching audio and using an efi string for my Asus 8800 GTS 512. I've a problem that is getting me crazy. I've 1 seagate hd connected to the jmicron sata port. If I start the leopard installation setting the jmicron in "AHCI" mode the disk utility is able to see the hard disk connected to the jmicron sata port When the install finishes and the system reboots I get kernel panic! Then the only way to solve is to set the jmicron to "basic" mode- In this mode Leopard boots nicely but the hard disk connected to the jmicron becomes invisible. How can I solve that? I would like to keep the Jmicron setting in the bios as "AHCI" Please help! I'm desperate