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  1. ok...i sent u a pm, cuz its getting annoying on the forums now...so read the pm
  2. because everything is in the guide...i didnt make the guide to be asked 100 noob questions and its not logitech, its logical.
  3. i tried to be nice, now i gota say it: READ IT. START OVER. I DIDNT MAKE THIS GUIDE TO BE BOMBARDED WITH QUESTIONS THAT IS IN THE GUIDE. i dont care how i sound, but this is ridiculous.
  4. i cant help u because i dont know how far u are with the partitioning, Part 1 - B - Partitioning with same hard drive as Vista. is what u should read, if u dont wana partition, pick up a seperate hard drive, it easier, way easier
  5. yes...... take out the dvd, boot from the hd, and u should see a black screen like this in this screen u should be able to choose which os to boot into, if u cant something was done wrong.
  6. yes there is a way to boot osx without the dvd...IT IS ALL IN THE GUIDE go back to the tutorial follow the instructions, if u cant be bothered to read it step by step, i cant be bothered to help u
  7. NO read the guide again about kernels if u just wana get back into windows and fast restore the mbr. google it
  8. look for it on the ipc dvd, there probably are drivers for ur specific board on the dvd. this guide is for Gigabyte boards mostly. look around this forum, search!
  9. not setting the partition as active could generate a boot0 error or a .plist error
  10. if u have a core 2 series cpu, u can install updates without having to worry about kernel panics or what not.
  11. try a base install, because this guide is for the gigabyte ep45-ds3l motherboard, wrong drivers can possibly cause the issues u are having. you need to find a guide for your motheboard, this is not it, driver wise anyways. thanks dont know, i dont use sleep. you may not want to use root, as it is a very powerful account and can be unsafe, same idea as linux, use only root account and commands if u absolutely must. get drivers for your focusrite sound card then on my system, i have to choose in preferences between "internal speaker" to use the rear port, and "headphones" (or something like that) to use the front panel headphone jack....kind of annoying theres a link to the driver package for the alc888 for the ep-45-ds3l motherboard... orange with a firewire or a usb icon? (forgot which), then you have to install the "sata drive icon fix (new)" from the fixes area in the customize area of the install dvd
  12. it is that you type in -f. = and thats it. see what u get, if not, reinstall, disconnect any extra hardware, such as all usb devices, and pci cards, but leave the video card in. pc specs please
  13. thats weird, could u possibly record this? if not record it then take pics, i gota see this, i've NEVER heard of this.
  14. you'll be good, everything is sata now