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  1. Wiiiiii..... 3945 Airport compatible! wiiiiiiii.......
  2. I need to do that in order to be able to attach an usb modem (huawei mt882), to a xp virtual machine on VirtualBox. Any ideas ?
  3. Hi, In windows i can disable a USB device in the task manager by clicking 'disable' in the task manager or thru command line: "devcon disable USB\VID_*", which will both power down a particular device.Is this possible in Leopard? Preferrably via command line.
  4. USB Ethernet

    I brought an apple usb to ethernet adapter and it worked like a charm. Out of the box. The only little problem now is that Time Machine doesn't work while the adapter is disconnected, any ideas ?
  5. I've installed Windows XP SP3 on VMware 2.0 and when i restarted my hackbook i got a kernel panic :S. And it seems it killed my bootloader too. What should i do now ?
  6. USB Ethernet

    Hey I'll buy an apple usb lan adapter today. I hope it works on my DellBook 1420 with 10.5.4. Downloading usbkexts just in case... Thanks Macgirl
  7. I just used CrossOver 6.2.1. It works faster than any osx native torrent client.
  8. Here's my OS X Desktop. Clean | Dirty Quite Simple.
  9. Actualización 10.5.3

    No no, ahora tengo una PNY 8800GT 512MB. Tengo que cambiar la firma
  10. 10.5.3 Update Guide

    Is this update braking the VGA support or something ?
  11. Actualización 10.5.3

    Ya hay una guía de instalacion, y lo mejor es que es super fácil!! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=107340&hl= Sólo espero que no se me vaya el soporte QE/CI de mi vga.
  12. Dvice: 8800GT 512MB PNY I tried this method with both strings and i got a black screen (using Kalyway 10.5.2 installation). The solution that i found was using the punk92's installer.
  13. 10.5.3 is here!

    I hope this update does not break my full support of PNY 8800GT.
  14. Hi guys, I have a Gigabyte P35 DS3R, and the only thing that is not working on Leopard is the Dynamic Energy Saver feature. I've searching but no succes. Do you have any ideas??