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  1. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Then I'll test the most compatible kexts by myself. Thank you for advices, you are a great helpmate!
  2. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Everything is clear, thank you master I will use 10.6.3 versions, because only desktop acceleration is what I need, I play games under WinXP or Win7. One more thing I experienced is my OSX freezes under 4.0 OpenGL Extension Viewer test (full-screen rounding head) if I use multisampling more than the default value 1 or 2 (not remember the correct value, but default), independently of resolution. But with aniso filtering there is no bug / freeze, I can use anisotropic filtering value 16x, all the other options are on default. Is it better to use kexts from 10.6.3 combo update instead of the about 1 month earlier 10.6.3 update as I used to, or the issue may caused by using OpenGL.Framework from the Graphics update 1.0 instead of 10.6.3 or 10.6.3 combo updates? Thanx in advance!
  3. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Hi rafirafi! Thx for your reply! basically there is support for the hd4770 chipset (rv740) only in 10.6.3, didn't was here before and was dropped after But as we edit our HW ID into info.plists of v10.6.8 ATI4800Controller and v10.6.3 ATIRadeonX2000 kexts, we "lie" for the enabler (ATY_init or bulit-in GraphicsEnabler, whatever) : "use this card as a HD48xx, even it has another GPU", so our HD4770 is going to be a fake HD48xx, won't it? And HD48xx cards are supported under 10.6.8. and therefore we shouldn't need 10.6.3 kexts, should we? Or maybe I don't understand something. For stable result I suggest you use only kexts and opengl frameworh from 10.6.3 combo update. I extracted my kexts from "Mac OS X v10.6.3 Update" (March 29, 2010) as zodiac posted instead of "Mac OS X v10.6.3 v1.1 Update (Combo)" (April 12, 2010) as you say. Are kexts from v10.6.3v1.1 combo update better, more stable versions? And I extracted the OpenGL.Framework from "Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0" (August 16, 2010), is the framework from "Mac OS X v10.6.3 v1.1 Update (Combo)" better solution (if 10.6.3v1.1 combo contains it)?
  4. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    I did it, workaround works as zodiac posted! But with some mods! (GE=No). I installed aty_init.kext, 10.6.3 kexts and the modified kexts by Kext Helper b7 in safe mode, then replaced the framework dir, then reboot, start GraphicsEnabler=No -f -v flags. Everything loads, blank picture on desktop... then I put my DVI cable to DVI0 output instead of DVI1 and... happiness! My mistake was I used DVI1! I changed to DVI0 instead of DVI1 output and with GraphicsEnabler=No I have native 1920x1200 desktop (first with inverted colors, but i change resolution and back to 1920x1200 and finally colors are fine)!!! I tested VGA by XBench and OpenGLExtensionViewer and its ok! The 3D graphics is fine! Cons: 1. With "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" there is no success. But i read that aty_init.kext is an injector/enabler, so if people use VGA injector/enabler there is no need to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes, so I think its fine with GE=No and this is not a problem. 2. Under Youtube videos I have no HW accereration, runs under software renderer. Anyway, why we need 10.6.3 kexts and OpenGL framework for HD4770? Why the solution doesn't work under SL 10.6.8, like edit just ATIRadeonX2000.kext and ATI4800Controller.Kext 10.6.8 versions putting the HW ID in them, and just use the default ATIRadeonX2000.kext, AtiRadeonX2000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonx2000GLDriver.bundle and ATIRadeonX2000VADrive.bundle version 10.6.8 kexts?
  5. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Dear zodiac and all! Could you help me? I have installed 10.6.8, with latest updates, everything works fine, except my VGA of course... My Powercolor HD4770 (dual dvi) has the same hardware ID which waas posted (0x94b31002, i checked under Win7). system: C2Q 9300 Asus P5Q (with pached DSDT.aml by DSDT autopatcher) 4 GB RAM build1700 (latest) Chameleon, and Chameleon Wizard, so I can edit .plist files also No success on HD4770... I downloaded 10.6.3 dmg update, and SnowLeopardGraphicsUpdate1.0, extracted pkgs with TransMac under Win7, and unpkg under OSX. So I have the - version of OpenGL.framework dir from graphicsupdate and - 10.6.3 versions of ATIRadeonX2000.kext, AtiRadeonX2000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonx2000GLDriver.bundle and ATIRadeonX2000VADrive.bundle - and also 10.6.8 version of ATI4800Controller.Kext. After booting in safe mode (-x) I have edited info.plist filess of v10.6.3 ATIRadeonX2000.kext and v10.6.8 ATI4800Controller.Kext -> under IOPCIMatch parameter I inserted the ID "0x94b31002" string (without quotes ofc) to the last position in the "array", so I hit a "space" after the last 0x9... ID and insert 0x94b31002, and finally sav the info.plist. I edited both of them (v10.6.3 ATIRadeonX2000.kext and v10.6.8 ATI4800Controller.Kext). I replaced these kext files (just a simple replace by Finder, so i did not install these kexts for example by KextHelper b7) to S/L/E, and deleted OpenGL.framework dir in S/L/E/Frameworks and then copied the version OpenGL.framework dir to S/L/E/Frameworks as well. Then i have installed latest aty_init by KextHelper b7 (finished well) and then edited org.Chameleon.boot.plist by Chameleon Wizard -> ticked GraphicsEnabler=Yes and ticked AtiConfig, choose Motmot framebuffer also. These parameters appeared in my org.Chameleon.boot.plist file, so Chameleon Wizard did the work. Rebooted, at chameleon bootolader hit Enter and type -f to remove kext caches, but the boot stops before I get the desktop. My system runs only with "GraphicsEnabler=No" flags, as earlier before the VGA hack. I tried -v verbose mode, and my system loads everything, except my desktop. So if I boot with -v flag and check what is going on, there is no difference in loading kexts and another things booting with or without "GraphicsEnabler=No" flags, except if I dont type "GraphicsEnabler=No", there is no desktop, the loading stops somewhere at the last "checkpoint"... As it seems in verbose mode, aty_init kext can identify my VGA, it prints something like this: load aty_init.kext check 0x94b3 found 0x94b3 quit 0x94b3 or something like that (sorry, i am not in front of my system). Sorry for my english, I am from Hungary, I hope you can give me some advice. Where am I wrong? Thx very much!!!