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  1. Updated and everything appears to be working, including sound and USB. Specs: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 Radeon HD4870 Chameleon RC4 in EFI partition FakeSMC 2.5 OpenHaltRestart (version unknown) Everything else vanilla Edit: And DSDT, of course.
  2. Yet another 4870 question

    I'm overseas at the moment so I won't be able to give you any instructions until I get back. Do you have a DVI to VGA dongle connected to the second port?
  3. Yet another 4870 question

    Unfortunately I don't have a second display so I can't actually try it and see what happens at my end. I might have the same problem!
  4. Yet another 4870 question

    It's been a while since my last post but I have everything working now I'm using option 3 from my first post, with the display connected using DVI and a DVI-to-VGA dongle in the second port. I'm running 10.6.3 now (and couldn't get anything to work with 10.6.2). Sleep works now!
  5. ati 4870 with 10.6.3

    Got it working again The trick is listed on netkas' site: Plug a DVI-to-VGA dongle into the second DVI port.
  6. ati 4870 with 10.6.3

    Yes, same issue here with 10.6.3, EVOenabler and an Asus 4870.
  7. Yet another 4870 question

    I've found another post where someone's getting corruption when using DVI, but not with VGA. I'll have to hunt down a VGA cable and give it a go. In the meantime, are you two using DVI or VGA? Edit: No luck with VGA.
  8. Yet another 4870 question

    Hmm. I've just rebuilt the DSDT from scratch (using ACPIPatcher) without adding any graphics-related code and it's still doing exactly the same thing in all cases (EVOenabler, GraphicsEnabler with ROM, and GraphicsEnabler without ROM). I thought that there might still be some nVidia code in there from back when I had my 9600 GT, but that's obviously not it. I haven't mentioned my motherboard yet: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3.
  9. Yet another 4870 question

    Unfortunately that doesn't work for my system. I can't boot at all without DSDT (I get an HPET-related kernel panic), and if I try GraphicsEnabler with no ROM then I can't see anything on the screen (the system appears to be working apart from that though). Oh well, maybe somebody else will have some suggestions. I don't have a second display handy at the moment so I can't say whether spanning works under EVOenabler.
  10. Yet another 4870 question

    When you say "no other modifications", are you using a ROM image at all? Or just the GraphicsEnabler? Do you mind sharing your DSDT?
  11. Yet another 4870 question

    Unfortunately I'm still stuck. I've replaced Chameleon with PC EFI 10.6 as I've seen a few PC EFI success stories, but I've had no luck yet. EVOenabler continues to not wake from sleep properly. GraphicsEnabler=Yes still produces a garbled screen. Is anyone able to provide any advice or pointers at all? Even if you're not certain, please give me things to try. Thanks
  12. Yet another 4870 question

    Hi everyone, I know that there have been a lot of 4870-related questions but unfortunately I'm still having trouble and I'm hoping that somebody can steer me in the right direction. I'm running 10.6.2, using Chameleon RC4. My 4870 is 512 MB, made by Asus. What I've tried so far: 1. EVOenabler.kext: This works, but the display doesn't wake from system sleep. Also, performance isn't as good as I would expect (it doesn't seem to be any better than the 9600GT I replaced). I haven't done any specific performance testing though. 2. No kext, but this lot in DSDT.aml: Appears to do the same as EVOenabler, ie. sleep doesn't work properly. 3. I've dumped my card's ROM into /Extra/ati_9440_1002.rom and added GraphicsEnabler=Yes to Chameleon (and removed the DSDT changes). This results in a garbled screen once the desktop would normally appear. I'm currently running with option 2, but it would be very good to get sleep working properly (especially since I'm clicking it out of habit and needing to hard reset all the time!) Does anyone have any pointers or solutions? Thanks Update: I've switched to option 1, as I had WoW crash twice within 30 minutes with option 2 (no crashes with option 1 yet).
  13. Thanks for this post, my GraphicsEnabler is working now!
  14. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    I have a question about the ATI video settings. I'm currently using an nVidia card and everything is working well, but I'm considering getting an ATI card to replace it. I haven't been able to find any information on how to determine the correct Framebuffer or DevID settings. The first post says to use lspci, but I'm not really sure what that means (I get "command not found" if I type lspci into Terminal). And where do I find the correct framebuffer? Sorry for the newbie questions. Other than that, it's a very useful app and I appreciate it
  15. Indeed it worked, so as promised I have put the solution into the first post