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  1. What do you guys think of starting a petition to send to apple to get them to release an operating system version that is not dependant upon apple hardware. :-) perhaps if they saw the realization that i would love to run every pc i have on osx they wouldcinsider it??? of course, we all understand that the level of quality from apple hardware interaction cannot be guarenteed . . . however even the worst case scenario would be better than windows best .....
  2. midnightvisitor

    mini dv - timecode errors

    Hey guys, I know some of you may be aware of this, but i was not until i stumbled across it. I tried downloading my minidv camcorder tapes on the pc and all i had was time code error after error. quite sickening. I fired up FCP and it actually works the tape back and forth at the break points to collect as much data as possible. WAY TO GO APPLE :-) now i love my mac even more haha :-) Im not sure i can ever switch back. haha :-)
  3. midnightvisitor

    Clean your white MacBook

    Use a soft, lint free cloth, and dampen it with deionized/demineralized or distilled water. I use this to clean the diplays and any other surface of the macbook. Using distilled water will pevent streaks from minerals in the water when it drys, not to mention pure water is an incredible solvent, as well as being a very poor conductor. If you find you are getting residue, your cloth prolly needs to be cleaned or still contains soap from washing. :-) have fun (works on bug screen tv's as well)