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  1. Software Piracy

    Why by software, IF you Really like it, you would go out and purchase it to support the company. On the other hand, if you don't like it, you don't have to waist your time on waiting online and getting the 15% Shaft on returning it, plus the hassle
  2. Do you belive in Jesus

    About 75% of the world believes in a higher being. The rest is Scientology :censored2:
  3. Hacked: Mac Pro DVD Drive

    Here's an update, every time now i play dvd's in my drive my computer freezes up when i press stop and hold it there for awhile. When i go and play it again, The dvd drive doesnt respond. I had to reboot several times now, if this keeps on happening, im gonna reflash it back to the old sony d150a
  4. iTunes 7.1.1

    haven't seen any changes....
  5. More News on Leopard.

    Hope they clean up dem bugs!!! But i guess thats why they have patches and updates for
  6. Yikes, 17% and 21% jesus. I thought german's tax was harsh (16%MwSt) and NY state tax is 8,25%
  7. Is my iPod Dying allready?

    Yea, they shouldn't refuse taking it back, even if you bought it in the states. As long as you are under the warranty period, you should be good!!
  8. Bying a MacPro

    This Mac is way to fast for me, i had a G5 quad 2.5 and upgraded to a pro 2.6.... its a monster!!! PLUS i upgraded the card to a ati x1900 XT 512mb, the video is AWESOME, no FLAWS at all and i STILL haven't upgraded the ram. I have the OLD video card that i took out and put in my old 250GB hard drive in with no probs.... THis computer really kicks major butt!!!
  9. DAMN..... haven't seen it yet?
  10. I met some dude when i was working that told me he had a class-action lawsuit against parallels because vista didn't work with it... I guess now his hopes are down
  11. Hacked: Mac Pro DVD Drive

    Did the firmware update, no problems as of yet....