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  1. I used the same method too, just used MBR instead of GUID partition. However note that don't let Windows 7 to repartition, if the win7 bootloader is installed to the 100MB partition, then multiboot won't work.
  2. Boot into single user mode, then enter /System/Library/Extensions and move out all kexts starts with "AppleIntelGMA". Be sure to "touch /System/Library/Extensions" after that.
  3. Thank you very much BlackCH! With help from your DSDT and driver package, I can get a (almost) fully working Compaq 610! I attached the extra kexts I used and the modified DSDT for 610. Inside the zip: dsdt.aml - You can use this DSDT directly if you are using Compaq 610 dsdt.dsl - Modify it if you need to VoodooBattery.kext and VoodooPower.kext - Just most current version ethernet/88E8042update.bash - Use it to patch stock AppleYukon2 to have LAN working For display, PS2 and sound just use the drivers from BlackCH package. However there is one issue, sometimes the X3100 driver fails to show the screen, just blank gray screen (But the display will still dim automatically), luckily with DSDT is doesn't hang and I can use VNC/power key to make it reboot. Another small problem (not DSDT related), does anybody knows how to solve the Click Drag bug in VoodooPS2Trackpad? When I enable Drag in Trackpad preference, clicking any icons result in click-hold operation. EDIT: The Trackpad problem resolved by adjusting double-click time Compaq_610.zip