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    Ngoc Huy reacted to MaLd0n in DSDT Auto-Patcher   
    I'm no longer maintaining the patches for Auto-Patcher. The app with on-line patches database is discontinued.
    Current Auto-Patcher release and latest patches
    DSDT Editor and Patcher
    Useful links:
    -DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards
    -P5K PRO
    -DSDT: trick retail drivers by changing "device-id" (e.g USB), Fix sleep issues of ICH9/-R faking ICH10-R
    -Slow Sata Issue Fix, How to fix HPET IRQ conflict that cause that
    -ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel), AppleHDA works nVidia built-in HDMI audio and some ATI brands.
    -[HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base, Guide for how to fix/use original AppleHDA
    -DSDT - Vanilla Speedstep - Generic Scope (_PR)
    -[Guide] Vanilla Retail 10.6.x with Chameleon v2 for Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L, Illustrated Step by Step Guide + BootCD
    -[Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Installation.
    -Shutdown Fix
    -HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 10.6.3 Install Package, Retail installation, full HW support
    -Asus P8P67 Pro install guide, Installation guide for P8P67 Pro and possibly other P67 based mobo'
    -Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard, Atheros 0x2b fix
    -GA-EX58 and GA-X58A DSDT native power management modifications
    -Final solution (FIX) for GMA950 Desktop edition
    -SpeedStepper, AICPUPM patcher for ASUS P8P67 (and others)
    -Editing Custom connector info for Intel HD 3000 Graphics (sandy bridge, OSX Lion)
    -AppleHDA in Lion
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    Ngoc Huy reacted to Slice in RealtekR1000 v3   
    I want to present you updated RealtekR1000 driver. I added support for new chips according to linux's sources.
    Now it supports RTL8168E,F/8111E,F.It works for me and works better then v2.0.6 from realtek.com.tw. Now I have no problems with sleep/wake. With native driver I sometimes lose LAN after wake.With this driver never.

    UPDATE. In this version I applied my own inventions so my driver differs from native.
    The driver is on GitHub now, sources and release

    Sorry about broken links. There is new one. My latest sources

    Corrected a mistake with warm boot after Windows. Thanks for Mieze, dmazar, rehabman.
    Updated part for RTL 8105/RTL8136
    This kext is compiled under SL, XCode 3.2.5. For use in ML I'll check little later. EDITED: I checked, it works in ML 10.8.3.
    I made some changes according to official Realtek driver 8.037, newest for now. I can't say I take it as a whole. No, my driver is cropped and may not work for some chips.
    Anyway it tested for me in Mavericks.
    Change log:
    - adopted for new chips RTL8168GU/8111GU, 8411B, RTL8168EP/8111EP . But not tested
    - autolink to 1000Mb/s
    - some functions for WOL, not tested.
    More changes from linux sources implemented
    Implemented WoL as Mieze did.
    More codes for 8105E but not complete
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    Ngoc Huy reacted to oldnapalm in DSDT editor and patcher   
    El Coniglio released this DSDT editor with automated patching capabilities

    The main editor windows allows the user to open a DSL file or extract the DSDT from IOReg. It has some useful resources, like syntax highlighting, navigation tree and some options that came with the text editor component it uses, like regex matching, auto completion, jump to pair, etc.
    The patcher window parses a script-like language representing the patches. The user can preview the modifications before applying them. This "language" allows us to write dynamic patches that can be applied in various situations. More specific commands can be written as they become necessary.
    For now these are the implemented commands (which can be stacked separated by ";")
    Changes in latest release:
    fixed bug which caused data loss if number of open and close brackets don't match
    fixed compile window to work with new IASL versions
    updated IASL to 20120420

    Download: (last updated on 17/May/2012)
    Mac OS: DSDTEditor_Mac.zip
    Linux and Windows: DSDTEditor_Linux_Windows.zip
    How to apply a patch:


    Editor component: jsyntaxpane (http://code.google.com/p/jsyntaxpane/)
    IASL Copyright © Intel Corporation
    Written in Java