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  1. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Mavericks 10.9.5 Niresh 10.9 updated with 10.9.5 combo Phenom 9500 2.2 Ghz quad core am2+ 2 Gb ddr2 800 mhz Asrock n68c-gs fx bios 1.40 EAH5450 1Gb. ddr3 full qe/ci no artifacts or red icons (amd5000controller.kext and amdradeonx3000.kext id edit no GraphicsEnabler) intel 320 ssd 40 gb sata 2 (ide mode applenforceata) audio voodoohda (working) Wifi ralink 2870 usb with las dlink drivers and utility ok Installed niresh mavericks form usb kernel amd64, applenforceata, chameleon bootloader kernel flags npci=0x2000 -v USBLegacyOff=yes applenforceata.kext and fakesmc.kext on /extra/extensions I made a disk backup with carbon copy cloner to another sata disk and made it bootable. Download 10.9.5 combo and installed it. Boot from backup and install 10.9.4 rc2 v.1 kernel, and applematch IOHIDFamily Sandbox and System.kext with kextwizard. Add eah5450 id (68f9) in the 2 ati extensions, repair permisions and rebuild cache. Reboot with the kernel flags kernel flags npci=0x2000 -v USBLegacyOff=yes PCIRootUID=1 dart=0 UseKernelCache=yes EthernetBuiltIn=yes smbios.plist macpro3,1. Boot to desktop first time, no artifacts, no red icons in launchpad, smooth, qe/ci. Installed updates for safari, itunes and ibook correctly. Fully fuctional for an old CPU!!
  2. well, i had the same slow issue in my machine (ep31-ds3l q8300) and the problem was the wifi card. I have a dlink dwa-547 recognized as a airport extreme on snow (atheros chip). I removed the card and now snow is fast as hell. Iuse the realtek 8168 (OOB) to coneect to internet. I hope this helps you. well, i had the same slow issue in my machine (ep31-ds3l q8300) and the problem was the wifi card. I have a dlink dwa-547 recognized as a airport extreme on snow (atheros chip). I removed the card and now snow is fast as hell. Iuse the realtek 8168 (OOB) to coneect to internet. I hope this helps you.
  3. Well, you have to do a lot of work to run snow but its possible. First you need a working leopard system. Then restore 10a432 dmg to a usb hd with guid scheme anf hfs+ format. Unmount and set active with fdisk in terminal. Install chameleon rc3 into usb hd. In /extra/extensions on usb hd install fakesmc.kext and nvenabler.kext and appleatiata.kext for snowleopard made by andivand (look at infinitemac new releases). For video 8400gs 512 only worked for me with this enabler, never with efi strings or graphics enabler from chameleon. For audio use voodoohda.kext in /S/L/E and delete applehda.kext For sata, if your have waiting for root device error on boot, put in bios ide_sata in ahci mode. create a extensions.mkext in /extra with kextcache -v 1 -t -m /Volumes/your usb hd/extra/extensions.mkext /Volumes/your usb hd/extra/extensions Create your dsdt.aml with dsdtpatchergui. (you may need to decompile it wit iaslme and edit to fix cmos reset, and compile it with iaslme). Place it in /extra. The download modbin test7 or qoopz kernel and delete mach_kernel form usb and cpy on it the kernel you download renamed to mach_kernel. Boot from usb hd an install to a empty guid partition. The when it finish boot into leopard and repeat all steps to the snow installed partition. And restart in this parttion, and maybe you are done... Good luck. Ga-ma770-ds3 v 1.0 (dsdt patch) Phenom 9500 (ddst patch for acpi, qoopz kernel 32 bits) 3 gb ddr2 800 OOB 8800GTs 320 Mb Efi strings DWA-547 as airport OOB Rtl 8169 integrated OOB SB600 sata and ide appleatiata.KEXT (thanks andivand) CReative Xmod USB OOB (fix volume issue with marvins utility)
  4. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    thanks, andy with your kernel I can enable 64 bit mode with -force64 flag in amd phenom 9500, running chess and gekkbench 64 without problems, and with a better performance in geekbench works like a charm in amd phenom, nforce4 (with applenforceata.kext modified by jalavoui booting in few seconds) with all of this work, getting closer "amd mac" friendly thanks a lot perisman
  5. search in the usual places...
  6. Voodoo 9.5 Kernel Beta 1 Available Now

    phenom 9500 with ga-ma770-ds3 mobo -force64 flag hangs boot after BSD root dis2s2 same as with toh and 9.4.0 stage xnu kernels
  7. Voodoo 9.5 Kernel Beta 1 Available Now

    phenom 9500, vmware fusion 2.0 works nicely
  8. Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    I am a phenom 9500 user, and with alpha13 using fsb 200000000 and busratio 11, the system runs smoothly and without errors after hours of work (internet, p2p, usb tdt receiver, and time machine works also. The usb bug with 2.0 devices disappear using the fsb and busratio flags. system specs: Phenom 9500 gigabyte ga-ma770 ds3 mobo 3 Gb Ram 667 DDR2 xfx geforce 8800 gts 320 Mb (EFI string) sata hd with sb600 in ahci mode with stock appleahciport chameleon bootloader shutdown and restart working leopard 10.5.5 (ideneb 1.0 updated to 10.5.5 with asu)
  9. Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    alpha 11 only works with busratio=11 on phenom 9500 video streaming (such youtube) dont work properly with voodoos kernels, and usb 2.0 dont work (I installed 10.5.5 system.kext and nothing change). Cache size corrected, system profiler working properly. The spped of system and gui with this kernel is amazing, only problems usb and video streaming.
  10. Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    on my amd phenom 9500 with ga-ma770-ds3 instant reboot with or wihtout fsb=200 and busratio=11 same result as voodoo 9.4.0 thanks for your hard work, and I hope with final relelase voodoo 9.50 runs on phenoms.
  11. CPUID tool output

    amd phenom 9500 gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 rev 1.0 bios F7f CPUID_Log.txt
  12. Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    Phenom 9500 Gigabyte ga-ma770 ds3 chipset amd 770 and sb600 4 Gb ram ddr2 667 Mhz xfx geforce 8800 GTS 320 Mb
  13. hello phenom is not compatible with pc_efi, and allmost distros use it as a installation bootloader. You can use the lawlessppc 10.5.4 for phenom iso,with chameleon efi integrated. You can find this in usual places, and more info in the infinitemac forum.
  14. Anyone try Leo4all 10.5.2?!

    hiI have installed yesterday on acer aspire 5920G and runs nicely The only issue is the nvinjectgo installer that not install correctly (fixed with another pkg from zephyrot 10.5.2) System specs: Core 2 duo T5450 two cores working with netkas toh 9.2.0 kernel and old acpiplatform (the newer make a kernel panic at boot 2 Gb RAM 667 Mhz sata hd 160 GB AHCI Mode (ICH8-P965) guid pc_efi bootloader geforce 8600m GS 256 Mb QE CI and internal display working at full resolution (after install leographical update 1.0) ALC 888 working with alc888 pkg 6 channels analog from the forum (the package from leo4all dont works properly in analog yes in digital out) internal keyboard and touchpad working ootb intel pro wireless and broadcom 7578 not working (lan with cheap supergrass wifi stick with rt73 usb package working nicely) usb 4 ports all working (usb 2.0) Its very nice to have an "universal" leo install dvd with 10.5.2, and with all languages packages. I recommend it bye
  15. Hello everybody After a lot of work, asking about efi and my amd phehom 2.2 Ghz (I cant never boot efi, allways instant reboot) ... I restored 10.5.2 amd efi to a usb hd from my laptop, installed darwin boot loader (without efi), and change the extensions mkext with the one from amd 10.5.1, modified iousbfamily to intel one, added nforceata from amd 10.5.2. Boot from usb in amd phenom desktop, installed to a sata hd, the replace kernel with netkas 9.2 kernel, appleacpiplatform, system, appleapic and applesmbios from amd 10.5.1. Install manually darwin bootloader and the result is: Boot to gui, with loop creation account error. Pass this with -s and passwd root and applesetupdone. Boot again... And now I have a 10.5.2 with all working like a charm... and i dont have the 2 minutes wait to gui issue. come in gui very fast. My specs: AMD Phenom 2.2 Ghz 4 cores (all cores works) 3 gb ram 667 Asrock aliveNF6P-VSTA (nforce 430 MCP61) 3 HD SATA DVD RW DL SATA G80 8800GTS 320 MB QE/CI Logitech Cordless Desktop All USB Ports work, conceptronic usb tdt working with eyetv 3, nforce ethernet working with forcedeth-nockd.kext and cretive usb XI-FI working OOB. Thanks to zephyrot for his good work, and If my experience helps someone, I can say that efi is not the only way. bye