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  1. My new Website

    Hi all, didn't know for sure where to post this. So forgive me if I got it wrong. So I'm a web designer. This is my WIP new website. It's littered with apple products and I've done something a bit different with my contact page Please let me know what you all think. It will be completed this week and all the glaring mistakes tidied up. http://www.mcr2.lo.rs/
  2. G5 PowerMac

    I've bought a 1.&ghz 4gb ram 160gb hdd power mac off eBay. I bought with the intention of selling the guts and using the case to make a hackinstosh. But seen as it is working perfectly. I wondered what the options were on upgrades? Can I add a ssd and a larger hdd? Think that would have it working pretty sweet.
  3. Hello fellow geeks :)

    Right looks like this has evolved into 2 stages then Stage one, rig up the server/tv/storage This I reckon I can do for under £200. I've found tons of Mac Minis and Apple TVs on ebay cheap. Get a 2TB External HDD to store everything to. Or would a 2TB Time Capsule work better? I've just read that the MAc mini will go into sleep mode to save power and be auto turned on, when the ATV needs it, but only using a Time Capsule? Would I be able to store all my media on there as easy as an external drive? Stage two, G5 Hackintosh, Not as much of a need to do it any longer I suppose, however, I want one! I also want to push myself to complete something like this. Which is more than good enough reason for me
  4. Hello fellow geeks :)

    Thank you very much
  5. Hello fellow geeks :)

    Gotcha and I can hook that up to apple tv to stream to the tv too?
  6. Hello fellow geeks :)

    Thanks mate. How would the mini work best as server without the storage space?!
  7. Hello fellow geeks :)

    I'm a web designer from Manchester, I have a few Apple products, which have blown me away, since I made the switch a couple of years ago. I had built a PC roughly ten years ago, and when I found a couple of years old tower in my storage unit, I thought I would try and convert it to a Hackintosh. Since doing a bit of reading up on here. I want to now build myself a stonking Hackintosh in G5 case (not original, I know), that will fit in well with the iMacs in the office. I'm primarily looking for it to work as a server and hold all of my work, keep the other iMacs and Macbooks running fast by not getting clogged up. I've not attempted to run a server before, much less build a hackintosh, so I'm excited to see the benefits of doing both for me to work easier. At the moment I work from home, run a 21" iMac, a 27" iMac my MacBook and my girlfriend uses her Macbook here too. My 27" iMac (1TB) currently stores a lot of our movies and things like that. I would like to build something with a SSD to keep it quick, but have insane storage of 6-8TB so we can stream videos from that - will I need to link up Apple TV to the G5 to do that? Plan to hook it up to a 20 or 23" Cinema display. I'm going to be looking around the forums for some ideas on what components I can use, methods for install in the G5 case, etc Stephen