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  1. both cores (T7200) working!

    But this very unlogical. kernel initializes cores wrong on boot and corectly after wake up. so it's same kernel doing that =) it's not a real bug but i think it can be solved by the kernel.
  2. both cores (T7200) working!

    same to me - using jas 10.4.8 SSE intel only install with mifki kernel - sleep works right after first boot after jas 10.4.9 update sleep works too. only using applesmbios from paulicat. but we need to figure out what happend on wake up so we can use both cores permanently.
  3. now xbench: ~160 @ dell inspiron 9400 i reinstalled osx 10.4.8 and does not set the kernel flags. System was slow and jumpy. but after wake up from sleep modus everthing worked fine and smooth. anybody else recordnized this? what is changing by waking up from sleep? please help to get us run both cores on every start...
  4. hey, found some how-to's to set users to an extra partition. i think this is useful because u can "play" with your os without loosing data if you crashes your os. but i have problems mounting this user partition. i editet fstab and write changes to netinfo. but this doesn't work for 10.4.8. The guides made for older versions http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...040716153639236 so how to use fstab and netinfo the right way? thanks in advance!
  5. hey devilhood, i made everything using your guide. and i searched for every post dealing with booting. but no result. what additional information u need to help me?
  6. tried dualboot with vista. but same problem i can not boot mac osx. tried nearly every howto. please help.
  7. here is a screen screen.tiff
  8. hey, installed jas 10.4.8 sse3 on a partition i created with the disk utility. osx works beautiful. but i cant boot without install dvd. tried everything. activating with fdisk, repairing mbr with super grub but nothing works. it hangs after post with blinking coursor. seems something is wrong with mbr. i even cant install vista now - it says no system partion found that fits. do you know some tools or solution for this? thanks in advance.