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  1. rnb5500

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Like 111D76B0 -reversed> 0B67D111 -then paired and flipped> B0761D11 Gotcha.
  2. rnb5500

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I previously had HDAenabler installed and I don't have ALCinject installed. For the sake of clarity, can you confirm this example from above is written correctly: It just appears random, like some are reversed while others are not (76). Just making sure.
  3. rnb5500

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Great guide, glad to see progress for us IDT guys. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get working sound here with an IDT 92HD73C1X5 VenID 0x111d7675 and Intel HD audio 8086284b. No new audio device in Sys Profiler after installing. Could the PinConfig still be the problem in this scenerio, if so I eagerly await your PinConfig guide.
  4. Here is the link for Chun-Nan's Leopard IOPCIFAMILY.kext: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=34679 Updating to 10.5.5 shouldn't be to bad. In fact, other than having to re-edit the plist of the new Brcm4311.kext it installed, it didn't cause me any problems. Just be sure to back up, especially your extensions folder as you might have to reinstall or re-edit kexts you've previously patched to get your H/W working.
  5. ^^I agree as well. If after you update to 10.5.5 and still can't get it to work, then the problem is most likely with IOPCIFamily.kext.
  6. rnb5500

    IDT 92HD73C1 Dell Studio 1735 driver?

    ^^^You wouldn't happen to have an hdmi out, would you. I'm thinking this Intel Audio might be for HDMI audio out and nothing more.
  7. rnb5500

    IDT 92HD73C1 Dell Studio 1735 driver?

    I have a Studio 1535 as well. After patching the audio with Dell Post Installer and then updating to 10.5.5, I mysteriously have a sound device detected (for the first time) in System Profiler. Unfortunately, that's all I get. Still no functionality. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  8. rnb5500

    Dell Truemobile 1505 Wireless

    I believe so. The Dell 1505 is probably the ideal Airport Extreme substitute mini card. My understanding is that any Dell WLAN card based on a broadcom chipset will work with Leopard, I have the Dell 1397 (BCM4315) myself. Best of luck.
  9. rnb5500

    ASUS Passive Cooled ATI HD3650 and HD2400 Pro

    Be sure to post back your results with the 3650. I have the Asus EAH3650 (non-silent, dev id 9598) and haven't been able to get those 3650 kexts working yet (and I'm not the only one). If you do, let us know how you did it.
  10. Doubt it's the vid card, I've installed many times with an unsupported vid card without problems, in fact I've never had a card that was supported OTB. I realize your using an SATA dvd drive but have you tried disabling the IDE controller in the BIOS as well. Also, what SATA port are you using for the DVD drive.
  11. rnb5500

    Help with HD3650

    Install the latest Natit.kext to get resolution change. Unfortunately, no CI/QE, for that you'll have to wait with the rest us.
  12. rnb5500

    HD 3450 Support

    No, not yet, I have the HD 3650 myself and I'm still waiting. The latest Natit kext should have your device id if not you can add it yourself. Installing it will give you resolution change, but no CI/QE yet.
  13. A little description of your hardware would help, but assuming your using software based raid (built in your MoBo), its gonna be impossible. The only way to get raid on OSX will be to configure it in disk utility and that means breaking your current raid. After that, windows won't be able to detect it even if you make a fat or ntfs partition on it. Only real chance would be to use a hardware based raid, probably something high end too like Highpoint.