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  1. demon19

    Intel DH61AG Miniatx H61

    Hi Slowjin, Thanks for the update. I am getting ready to built the system and going to install lion and will give feed back
  2. demon19

    Mini-itx inside Mac Mini Casing?

    Hi LogicPro9, I need your help on my hackintosh. I bought the parts what you have recommended and purchase the mac mini case from the same place where you bough it. The only thing I am having problem is getting the IO cover. Did you make the IO cover for your hakintosh yet? thanks My Setup Intel i3 CPU Intel DH61AG 4GB DDR3 1333/1066 MHz 500GB Hard Drive Low profile CPU cooler Mini PCI-e Apple Airport Card
  3. demon19

    Intel DH61AG Miniatx H61

    thanks for your reply StewieGrif...... I was planing to used the HDMI to connect to the LED TV as a monitor. I have a lot of reading to do how to create my own dsdt.
  4. demon19

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi my name is John, I am glad i found this forum (lots of information and help support). I am looking to built my first hackintosh system and I can't wait for my project to be completed.
  5. demon19

    Intel DH61AG Miniatx H61

    I bought a mac mini 2010 case and trying to built my first hackintosh system. I was wondering if any one has built a hackintosh using this Intel DH61AG Mini-ITX board? thank you