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  1. Hi Maxey! Concerning the bluetooth dongle, I bought it as I knew it was OS X compatible. I just needed a little bit of luck for it to be supported by my Dell hackintosh. It works fine and fast, even if it's only a Bluetooth 2.1. I connect my phone (HTC One V- Android, my Magic Trackpad, and a lot of devices...) so I think it's stable. I paid 15€ for it, but I think you can get it cheaper on the internet. @ Doix : This won't work if he had the Intel 1000 with his Dell. I didn't took the bluetooth option, so I've got the Intel Centrino 1000. That's why I bought a bluetooth dongle. And it would be nice if you could also have a look to the accuracy of the trackpad (when you have time, of course). Because it "jumps" when you try to make "precise" moves. See you guys! And have a good day. I've my last exam tomorrow, that's why I haven't posted for a long period.
  2. @ i7Hackintosh : Okay, maybe you can try it, to get your Windows installation recognized by the Windows install CD... I don't promise you it will work. 1) Boot on the WIndows install disc and choose your language ; 2) On the screen with "select the installation to repair" bla bla, choose "Other tools to repair, ..." (or something like this. I think it's the first option) ; 3) Then, press next and choose "Command prompt" and type the following : (without the quotes) - "diskpart" and then "list disk" ; - There, choose the disk where you have the Windows partition typing this : "select disk X" (X is the number of the disk where you have the Win partition) - Type "list partition" and then, look at the partition where Win is installed and type "select partition X". - Type "active" 4) Reboot your computer with the Windows CD to boot on it, you will normally be able to see the Windows installation and repair it. I hope this helped you!! See you. PS: The topic you linked is locked...
  3. Do you use the "mach_kernel" or the "custom" kernel? To be sure you use the "mach_kernel", open your boot.plist and look at the "Kernel" string. If you see : <key>Kernel</key> <string>custom</string> The, delete it, and this will use the "mach_kernel" one automatically. Maybe it isn't related to that, but I had a custom kernel from 10.7.1 to 10.7.3, and when I upgraded to 10.7.4, I was unable to boot with it, I got KP all the time. So I use a new "custom" for 10.7.4 and it works now! Or maybe you can change the ACPIPlatform.kext, this worked for me. Use the one you used with your 10.7.1 install.
  4. Yes, I remember, and I tried it, but I never made it recognize my SD car of 8go... I'll give it a try again
  5. Hi DoiX, finally achieved to get 10.7.4 working on my L502x... I guess it was due to the "custom" kernel I used before, because with the "mach_kernel" one, it works fine! Concerning the SD card reader, I never had it working, but it's not a big deal. And about the SmartBattery.kext, what are the changes, because I don't have anything changing when I use it. And as MackyReady said to you, it seems that HWMonitor doesn't "see" that my CPU can go up to 3,0Ghz. It indicates up to 2744Mhz, but no 3,0Ghz. Even under heavy usage... I didn't have a look at MSRDumper to see if all the multipliers are reached. Will edit later to tell you what MSRDumper indicates. MSRDumper shows multipliers from 8 to 28... Nothing more.
  6. I did it too, but I think that the installation has something wrong, so I'll make a fresh one =) Anyway, thanks for the answer.
  7. I'll try again later, but about now, it failed.I'll make a fresh install this weekend and then try again. Did you install iAtkos L1 or iAtkos L2 at the very beginning?
  8. Glad to hear it! I don't think they can refuse your warranty for that, but as DoiX said, you never know... So put the Intel back before the dell guy come. You have problem with your screen and your CPU? And how about the RAM, what brand did you buy? Haven't met any problem since you changed it?
  9. I'll give it a try. I hope this will work, this time. If it screws my install, this will be the oppotunity to make a fresh one I'll be reporting tomorrow...
  10. To see if SpeedStep is activated on your L502x : - Download MSRDumper.kext ; - Open Terminal and type : sudo kextload [DRAG & DROP MSRDumper.kext HERE] - Enter your password ; - Go to Utilities > Console ; - Look at the lines with something like "Pstates" and "Pstates reached" ; - If you see more than 2 values (8 and 24), then it's working. If you only see 2 values, Speedstep isn't activated. Hope it helps PS: To install Speedstep, use the link to Speedstep in DoiX's Tuto, or install the "Patched AICPUPM.kext" from DoiX's package... If you have an i7, then use AICPUPM from DoiX's package. If you have an i5, then I'll upload you my own AICPUPM (AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext) as I have one.
  11. Concerning your BIOS, to downgrade it to A06, you only have to flash the A06... It will erase the A07 and then install the A06, so no manipulation to do for it. Restart bug is a wellknow problem of DoiX since he modded the DSDT to unpower the nVidia GPU and then increase battery life... There's no fix at the moment, but DoiX made a script for it, see a few pages earlier If you're lazy, you can use it, but it's not a big deal since you can Shutdown then reboot manually... WiFi : You have to change the wireless card for a compatible one. Sleep : Install A06 BIOS and everything will work fine (if you enabled SpeedStep, of course). And concerning the freezes, when does it happen? Explain a little more the moment it happened and what were you running (apps, Safari, videos, ...) so that someone can help you Have a good day/night/evening/...
  12. I've got 4Go of RAM and my IntelHD is detected with 384mb of memory. Is the memory of the iGPU related to the size of RAM our laptop has? Or is it a matter of CPU power? Still, if you need testers, I'm here to test your new DSDT
  13. Ho, great news for you... On my install, it seems not to work. But maybe I'll make a fresh install in these days, because I think I have some errors with it : can't load MSRDumper via Terminal, can't install 10.7.4 even if it worked for DoiX, ... and some other things I didn't have before. I hope some day we will get an unlocked BIOS with GUID support and more important : nVidia as primary GPU **Please, make our dreams come true** I tried 10.8 DP3 yesterday, and the install was successful, with DSDT, Speedstepper, ... and everything working as expected. Only problem that remains on my install is that I'm unable to launch apps such as Mail, Tasks, ... but Calendar, Messages, and others are working fine. Don't know if it's related to my install or if it's a general issue.
  14. Yes, something wrong about the FileSystem (I don't remember exactly what) and also, lots of line like "Can't load xxxxxxxxx.kext" and "Can't alloc ...." Concerning the USB3 ports, I'll give it a try with other SSDT tables to see if I get any improvements... Because even with the new PXHCD from M.B.ast. 4.3.2, I can't get it working. I edited my last PM to you DoiX, about the 10.7.4 problem and the USB3 issues...
  15. I think I solved my problem (with the great help of DoiX, once again)... I had problems installing 10.7.4 because I updated directly from 10.7.2 with the combo update. The same happened when I tried to update from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 with combo update. Here, I tried with the Delta updates, from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 and it worked the first time I tried (replacing all the needed kext). I hope this will work with 10.7.4 (11e52). Tell you in a couple of minute, I'm gonna press the "restart" button EDIT : Unforntunately, did work with 10.7.4, so I'm stuck on 10.7.3... I'll try 10.7.4 once again when there will be some "final" release...