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  1. Howdy IM! Gateway M285-E Tablet, OSX 10.6/XP

    Any progress on getting the digitizer to work under osx? The wireless? Did you install this yourself or did you buy this on ebay already installed?
  2. ASUS 1015PED

    I would like to ask the same thing, looking at the 1015PEM-MU17 after almost buying a 1005HAB. Some success by others would be nice to help me decide! Need to buy before Xmas (though can wait until after to get OSX running).
  3. Intel Graphics gma 3150 ID A002 Kext

    Does anyone who has the GMA3150 running with maklort's patch have any comments on how its going? Thinking of trying to get a netbook running with it and looking for first hand comments to see if that netbook is worth it.
  4. ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-MU17

    In my netbook search, I had almost decided on an Asus 1005HAB, but with the recent release of the 1015PEM with N550 dual core atom, I am now undecided. From reading the forum, the 1005 would not be too hard to get OSX running on, where the 1015 seems mostly uncharted and difficult territory. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model? The Intel GMA 3150 graphics seem to be the first stumbling block, but it looks as if there is recent progress thanks to Meklort. I do not know what wireless card or bluetooth it uses. Does anyone know that can provide that info? This netbook will see most use by my girlfriend, a somewhat recent convert thanks to my MBP. I would prefer the dual core for multitasking since she will be doing a lot of internet browsing as well as writing school papers/powerpoints and having PDF's open. I would like to post this in the ASUS sub-forum, but stuck here for now!
  5. Thanks for that link! I just got one of these as well and will have to keep an eye on the progress!
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hi all! I joined this forum a long time ago, now actually going to make some use of it! Hoping to build my first hackintosh soon as well as netbook running osx to join my MacBook Pro!