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  1. This is my build: Gigabyte EP45T-UD3R Intel Core2Duo Q6600 (running at 3.0GHz) 8GB OCZ RAM NVIDIA 9800GT 1GB (enabled with GraphicsEnabler in RC5) I've installed Chameleon RC5 700 to a 2GB USB stick, with a pre-patched DSDT from an auto-patcher for my board, MacPro3,1 SMBIOS, custom boot.plist, and loading these kexts (also from the USB): ALC8xxHDA (for the 889a audio) fakeSMC (v2.5) IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector (to get non-orange drive icons) JMicron36xATA (for my IDE DVD drive) NullCPUPowerManagement I boot from the USB stick to get the bootloader, and then boot into Snow Leopard 10.6.6, leaving the OS filesystem install 100% vanilla. All seems to be working well, but Safari scrolling and browsing speed is a little slow for what I would expect from my build. Also, my XBench results are showing a very slow disk read/write speed. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could improve this setup at all? Thanks
  2. thanks so much for all your work, i tried this out and it does indeed give me all outputs. a bit of help though if you would - I can only get two outputs per output in sound preferences, getting them to play all together requires aggregate device. But with this agg' device I can't seem to get iTunes to play through all speakers :s what am i doing wrong? it still only plays through the front two.
  3. spiritblu

    need vanilla 10.6.2 applehda.kext

    thanks very much both of you
  4. spiritblu

    need vanilla 10.6.2 applehda.kext

    trying to get 889a audio working on 10.6.2, been trying many different methods - but forgot to back up original kext. would someone be so kind as to upload a copy of the vanilla applehda? thanks
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    ALC885 on 10.6.2 barely working, $20 dollar reward!

    ditto. 10.6.1 fine, 10.6.2 no sound. HELP!
  6. I thought i'd also share how I got Leopard running on my spec: Intel Q6600 Asus P5N-E (Latest 1101 Bios) 4GB RAM IDE Hard Disks 8800gts 640mb I tried iAtkos' builds from the net (3 different revisions) - the one I got to boot and install was 'v1i R3' version. However - certain functions were acting weirdly so here's what I did: -Downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 (check md5 sum! very important) -Burned to DVD-RW at x4 (I dont think it has to be RW but this is what worked for me 1st time) -I unplugged all my IDE devices apart from the DVD drive & the hard disk I wanted to install on -Check hard disk is set to Master on jumper settings & DVD drive is set to slave (look on top of device for correct positions) -Disable Firewire & SATA in bios -Boot into dvd with "-v cpus=1" (without quotes) -When booted into disc > disk utility > erase disk > partition with 1 partition (I created it with GUID instead of MBR) -Make sure the partition name is ONE WORD. To avoid odd things - I simply named it "osx" (all lower case) -Quit disk utility > customise install > choose the NFORCEKERNEL ONLY in the kernels selection screen -Choose any other relevant tick boxes you wish to (as explained in the original guide on this topic) -Start the install - I skipped the disc check. -(This is where I was going wrong before) The installation would stop progressing the blue bar at random points or move really slowly up until a point where it would stop moving all together and if i clicked something on screen I would get spinning rainbow icon forever. This problem is related to the DVD drive hardware. I tried 5 different dvd drives (mixture of burners/dual layer burners/players) and 3 worked, 2 failed to install (with the exact same progress bar issue). I suggest buying/borrowing a cheap dvd drive if this is happening to you, I bought a £10 dvd player (not burner) from ebay - seriously slow reading, from at least a decade ago I rekon - but it worked! -After it all installed it will reboot, make sure you boot from hard disk this time not DVD. If you selected NFORCEKERNEL at installation you shouldn't need any boot flags so go ahead and just press enter and hopefully you should boot into Leopard! =Updating Tips= (This may only work for Kalyway 10.5.2 build so be careful on others) Install the 10.5.3 Combo Update from Mysticus C* (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=109102) Select customise install for update!! you must select the kernel that states "for nforce only!" in the info window when you click on it. Follow any other tips on that forum topic and you should have sucessfully installed 10.5.3 update now (may take a while - be patient). Do exactly the same for the 10.5.4 Delta Update on that very same topic by Mysticus C* (with kernel options like last time!) AFTER UPDATING - I then (and only then) installed the ATA patch, 883 line in patch etc from THIS topic starting guide and it all works! I of course dont have onboard LAN working but I installed a cheap Realtek 8139C pci card and installed these drivers (even though some come with kalyway - THESE ones are stable under anything): http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry498700. After loosing Quartz Extreme and Core Image when upgrading to 10.5.4 - I installed NVKush (Make sure you remove NVINJECT from extensions folder first!) - it fixed it all for my 8800GTS 640mb. Hope that helped some of you Edit: After i had finished installing leopard and everything worked - i just plugged my existing vista install hard drive back in and if i just let the pc boot normally it boots in to osx perfectly, if i wanted vista i just hold f8 at start up and select the vista hard drive to boot from and it boots into vista - perfectly!