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  1. I also have a dual boot, but after installing a bootloader via ###### (otherwise, it would always boot into windows without an option to choose OSX), my windows doesn't boot anymore... All I get is a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. after a couple of seconds, the screens goes black and the blinking cursor re-appears... anyone an idea what to do?
  2. Hi, I have now a MSI P55-GD65 mainboard with 2*2GB, an Intel i7 860 and a nVidia 8800GTS. Is there anyone who can tell me how i can install Snow Leopard? All the guides I have found until now, you are in need of an already working OSX system, wich i haven't... Thanks in advance!
  3. Printing to network print server

    did you managed to make it work?
  4. boot failure

    actually... it was very simple to make it work i had selected the wrong chipset (because i thought i had another motherboard), but when i selected the right one, it worked like a charm, and still does
  5. boot failure

    I posted twice... My mistake..
  6. boot failure

    I am trying to install Mac OS X 10.5.6 on my desktop. I've tried the xxx-release, and now I'm trying with the iDeneb one... But in both cases, after the installation (which went all fine) he keep showing the same error every 10 seconds. During the installation, I have checked the installation DVD and it didn't show any errors. And it never showed any error either... My system is: - AMD X2 5000+ - Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 - 2*1GB DDR2 800MHz - 80GB Seagate SATA2 harddrive - dvd-rw - GeForce 8800GTX 512 MHz and a standard usb keyboard, usb mouse and a 17" tft screen The error is: SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x05, ASC = 0x64, ASCQ = 0x00 disk2s2: unsupported mode Jun 10 06:41:33 localhost kernel[0]: Jun 10 06:41:33 localhost kernel[0]: Jun 10 06:41:33 localhost Does anyone have a solution for my problem? Thanks in advance!!
  7. no visible HD

    hi, i'm trying to install OSx86 10.4.8 on my pc (AMD X2 5000+, 2x 1GB DDR2, 80GB SATA) in the setup you have to choose the partition and there you have the disk manager (or whatever it is called, i work with dutch version, so i don't know it in english ) and there you can normally format your disk and choose partitions and stuff, but in the left column, the only disk i can see is the DVD... i can't find a hard drive anywhere... someone got an idea how it comes and how it can be fixed????
  8. Intel Wireless driver

    i have Mac OS X 10.4.7 installed, also the iwi2200.dmg... but i can't see a difference... where do i configure my nic or where do i find it...?