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  1. Thanks Synaesthesia for the help I will try will P33 chipset and see how it goes
  2. Hello Everyone I thinking of building a new hackintosh using Shuttle SG33G5M Deluxe or the Shuttle SP35P2 Pro The Specs for this Shuttle SG33G5M Deluxe box are: http://us.shuttle.com/barebone/Models/sg33...eluxe_spec.html This chipset for this Shuttle SP35P2 box are: http://us.shuttle.com/barebone/Models/sp35p2_pro.html I was wondering which one of these be a better fit for a hackintosh box I know people have built hackintosh using the Shuttle SD30G2B, SD39P2
  3. Thanks for the great patch. TOh 10.5 + patch= Worked Prefectly. Updated to 10.5.1 + all the updates + vanilla passwords Thanks Once Again
  4. Ifollowed the intructions to the letter however after I install Leopard and rebooted my computer I am still getting boot.plist is not found message. I have a guid partition when I ran diskutil list I had disk0 as my guid hd disk0s1 as my efi disk0s2 and my leo partition Any suggestions

    type "daemones kernel" in google, download the kernel, rename it to daemon and put it in your root directory get the hdda patcher from here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32859 during bootup of your computer hit f8 at the darwin osx screen type in daemon at the prompt get the right ktext sound file from the same thread as the hdda patcher drag the sigmatel text into the patcher, repair permissions and reboot
  6. Hi I noticed that sometimes when I reboot or shutdown the computer hangs. My setup: badaxe 2 e6600 6600 gt video card 10.4.8. semthex intel sse2 sse3 patched w/ ppf1 and defiant any solutions besides hex editing the kernel ? is there a way to make a patch that will automatically hex edit it ?