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  1. iLife 08 and Leopard

    Beren, thanks for that. I'll try it again tonight when I get home.
  2. iLife 08 and Leopard

    Hey all, My copy of iLife 08 ran fine in Tiger. In Leopard, when I launch any of the iLife apps they die a slow nasty death. :censored2: Any one else try to run iLife 08 on Leopard? Any success? iWork 08 runs fine. TIA, gt
  3. +++ UPDATE for the UPDATE +++ My second question is still open: Is there a way to point my home directory to my external drive so that all the shortcuts and links in Finder will point out to my external drive and not the install drive? Any one know how? +++ UPDATE +++ Never mind. I have a bad HDD. I reinstalled Leopard on another HDD in the same firewire enclosure and it's all fine. The other drive is acting real strange...windows machines take about 20 minutes to boot if this drive is attached. Once booted I can copy stuff to the drive and read from it. Reboot the machine and wait 20 minutes to boot. Oh well...this one is going to hit the trash...what a waste of a 250GB drive :-( Thanks for reading! Hey all, I've done my research and know that this issue has been discussed, I just haven't found a solution. Here's the situation: Leopard DMG installs and boots fine on my internal HDD. Leopard installs onto my external HDD (Firewire) and all I can get is the grey screen with apple and spinning circle. It will boot to the external drive if I try safe mode, but it won't boot normal. The drive is fine as I have installed Tiger on it as a test and it boots without issue post installation. I am fully planning on buying Leopard when it hits stores, but only if they fix this issue. I have a mac mini (customized - changed CPU to a C2D and upgraded RAM to 2GBs) but it only has a 60GB HDD. I have over 200GBs of music and vids - thus my need for an external (actually my mac mini Tiger has been booting to firewire drive since the day i bought it and frankenstein-ed it). So I guess my questions are: Is Apple even aware of this issue? Is there a way to point my home directory to my external drive so that all the shortcuts and links in Finder will point out to my external drive and not the install drive? Thanks in advance, GT
  4. Hey all, I've installed 9A559 onto my internal HDD. I have an external firewire drive that has Tiger on it and is, obviously, my Tiger boot drive. The Leopard install went fine (i am loving this OS), but my firewire drive isn't listed under Devices in Finder. Any ideas why?
  5. Best March Quarter Ever for Apple

    I am proud to say I was part of that quarter. Bought a mac mini 8 days after playing with osx86...then promptly (within 4 hours of getting the macmini home) cracked open the case and upgraded the CPU, RAM and HDD. I am extremely happy with the purchase and am saving up for a mac pro.
  6. Working TV tuners (pci and usb)

    Thats my concern, I haven't found anything around here with regards to PCI based HD tuner cards, only USB. I've asked on all the IRC channels and was met with silence.
  7. Not so successful here with T7200 with both cpus enabled. When I have both enabled there are significant delays when clicking on items, scrolling through menus, etc. It seems there is a 1-2 second pause between my actions and the screen updating. I run with cpus=1 as a boot flag and SysProfiler shows just one core. I tried updating to 10.4.9 using various methods and was actually able to get both cores showing up, but interface behaviour as i described above stayed the same and i also lost the ability to connect to my SSID over the wireless card (10.4.9 update related I believe).
  8. Working TV tuners (pci and usb)

    Can you get eyetv software without buying their hardware or must i dress up again and play johnny depp's role? I have a Cat's eye PCI HD tuner card, myHD130 HD tuner card and two Avermedia A180 HD tuner cards and would love to get one of them working.
  9. Hey all, I have done my due diligence and searched and read extensively on this and other forums and cannot find a tutorial on how to get a 6800 card running. I've tried natit, diaboliks programs, and simply editing the kexts myself (geforce.kext, nvdaresman.kext and nvdanv40hal.kext) with the correct devid. On all attempts osx will not boot to gui...dies at the loading login window (which if I weren't in verbose mode is the point where the message about restarting your computer in four languages appears. At boot, nvdanv40hal lo0adsw without errors and detects and starts a display. I thought at one point a few weeks ago i had this card working, but not so sure now that i cant find any guides or tuts. thanks ahead of time for any help...
  10. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    I've already wiped the box, but i can tell you it was a stock com.apple.boot.plist, with a couple of additions: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v cpus=1 fsb=166</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1400x1050x32</string> Good luck!
  11. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Thanks for your input. i grabbed the msdos.kext and i foudn two netkas kernels, one from Marh 15, another from March 26. I did the steps below and replaced the march 15 kernel first. reboot just fine, issues still the same - no airport, poor response without cpus=1 at boot. so i replaced the kernel with the march 26th one and the system wont boot, kernel panic...something about netkas and semthex "Back in the USSR" message. Time to reinstall...thats it for me. Once I have my box back up to where it was before, I'm not updating to 1049. thanks again anyways :-)
  12. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Hey all, finally decided to take the dive into 1049 land. My specs are Dell 1505 laptop with Duo Core 1.66, 2GBs ram, STAC9200 audio, ATI X1400 256MB video, Dell 1500 wireless. Anyways, the JaS combo update went fine, restarted without issue (i did set fsb correctly in com.apple.boot.plist before first boot). The system response was real slow , delays after clicking an item for the action to take effect. I had this same problem in 1048, but setting cpus=1 in the boot.plist rectified it. Also, in 1048, even if the cpus=1 was not set, the SysProfiler would only see 1 core. In 1049, it sees both cores (again without the cpus=1) and reports the speed correctly, but the pauses are unbearable. If i set cpus=1 at boot, then the system is responsive again. I've also played with and with fsb=166 at boot which makes no difference. On another note, I cannot get my previously working wirless card to connect to my access point. I worked fine in 1048, but in 1049, i put in my SSID, WPA level and password and it fails. I've tried all the various versions of WPA in the Airport config utility to no avail. One more wierd thing, before I noticed that performance was sluggish, i ran xbench. The first time xbench ran, i got negative scores in the CPU and thread area, but once it was all done, I sh*t you not, it reported an xbench score of over 4000. Must have been a fluke. Anyways, any ideas what I should do short of a 1048 reinstall? TIA EDIT: when i set cpus=1 at boot, my wireless connects just fine. So, am I looking at going back to some of the older kexts? If so, which ones?
  13. Would you pay?

    All I can say is my 8 day experience with osx86 convinced me to go out and buy a mac, which I did yesterday. I think Apple ought to release a sample version (similar to a LiveCD of Linux) of osx that works on PCs that is set to timeout after say, 30 days. Include a coupon for 10-15% off a purchase of a new mac. I believe their sales would go through the roof. I turned two of my die-hard windows friends on to this site, both played with OSX86, both are buying macs this week as a result. Come on, that's a 100 percent turnover rate. I have two more buddies that are going to give it a try soon as well.
  14. Metallica, Rush, Rolling Stones, Korn, the Police - not necassarily in that order
  15. Do you like AOL?

    Voted no...used AOL for three weeks back in '94 when i built my first 386 PC...it had a 800 BAUD modem...i thought the experience of chatting with folks from around the country was amazing...i was hooked - not on AOL, the internet.