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  1. ok :) yeah, i think it must be some kind of driver issue in mt lion also, need to try some more with different sata kexts...


    here is a screenshot from the system report:



    omg, a bit embarrassing, but i forgot to install the 3rd part ahci sata kext :/ lol...

    problem solved and got a perfect (as it can be) install of MTL, back to dev :)

  2. I don't expect Chameleon to show every disk or partition, but it should show every partition that contains an OS it knows how to boot. In mt lion, if disks are missing from Disk Utility or from the System Report, I'd guess it must be some kind of driver issue with mt lion.


    ok :) yeah, i think it must be some kind of driver issue in mt lion also, need to try some more with different sata kexts...


    here is a screenshot from the system report:


  3. Are you saying that the Chameleon boot menu doesn't include every OS you might want it to boot? Or do you mean that after mt lion boots some disks are missing?


    done some research, and it seems like chameleon shows all but one disk (the other mac guid formatted data disk).

    and when mt lion has booted, it shows the one mac formatted (with mt lion, doo) and one of the windows disks, not the other mac formatted data disk...

  4. Regular Chameleon from the trunk source, even the latest version r1822, hasn't been updated for ML. You need a patched version, such as the one included in the tutorial at http://thetecherra.c...tart-to-finish/ (in the zip file).


    Yeah, I figured it out, got everything working now, thanks for you reply :)


    I got one problem though, chameleon doesn't seem to find my other disks :-/

    I got 5 disks, 2 of them are Mac (guid) formatted, one with the mt lion install on, the other is a plain data disk

    The other 3 disks are windows / ntfs formatted.


    The thing is, only one mac disk and one windows disk is showing...


    Any suggestions...?


    I think this is a chameleon issue, cause it was all working 1.5 hours ago with my current lion 10.7.3 chimera install.

  5. Continue same problem, thanks for reply =/


    I have the same problem on my hack...

    installation went fine, but when i select the machd with mt lion on for the first boot, it just reboots, no kp, just reboots...

    im using the latest chamelon version...

  6. Need some help installing Leo on this...

    First my specs:


    Processor : Mobile DualCore AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56, 1800 MHz (9 x 200)

    RAM : 2x1024mo DDR2 Hynix @ 667 MHz / 5-2-2-15

    Motherboard : Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv9000 (RE366EA#UUW) / Quanta30B9

    Chipset : Nforce 410/430 MCP

    Chipset Graphics : Nvidia Geforce 7600GO 256mb @ 450/380 MHz

    Bios : Phoenix (11/22/07)

    Hard Drive : 2 x Seagate Momentus 80gb, S-ata, 5400 rpm

    IDE Controller : NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller

    Screen : LG Philips LP171WP6-TL04 WXGA+ 17" @ 1440x900

    Connections : Modem 56k, LAN Ethernet 10/100 integrated, wifi 802.11a/b/g

    North Bridge : nVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 (C51MV)

    North Bridge : AMD Hammer DDR2 IMC

    South Bridge : nVIDIA nForce 430 (MCP51)



    So the problem...

    Everytime i boot an osx dvd (dosent matter what kind, tryed 10.5.2, 10.5.1, 10.4.9, 10.4.8 all amd releases, burnt at 2x confirmed working),

    i get an error telling me it cant "/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist", the same message appears when i press F8 and try with -v command or anyother command, if i press ? all i get is jiberish on my screen, even though the dvd's is confirmed working on my other laptop...


    So this is what ive tryed so far:

    All the above dvd's with clean harddisks (no partitons at all)

    All the above dvd's with one HFS+ partition

    All the above dvd's with one FAT32 partition


    and i always get the same error...

    is it just not compatible with my specs or what...??


    If anyone got some suggestions, please, shout out :)

  7. ive burned at 2x write speed...

    but i think it might be my disk / disks thats the problem...

    tried with a 10.5.1 dvd, and got an HFS error then the same message came up and it got stuck...


    my system:

    HP PavillionDV9000ea

    AMD Turion 64 x2

    Nvidia Nforce Chipset with Serial ATA Controllers

    2 x 80gb ST98823A S SCSI Disc device on Unknown SCSI/RAID HOST CONTROLLER


    anyone got some suggestions to get this to work...?