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  1. Switching between graphics cards

    hey, did you sort this out ? im wondering the same... or if there is a clover way of doing it...
  2. so now that Sierra is out, will this guide be updated ? probably the same process, but as far as i know, we need to change system definition to something higher.
  3. awesome guide, thanks up and running on my T410, just waiting for my new replacement wifi card Got one question tho, it reports only 256 in Nvidia mem, but it should be 512, any suggestions on how to fix that ?
  4. First tries

    omg, a bit embarrassing, but i forgot to install the 3rd part ahci sata kext :/ lol... problem solved and got a perfect (as it can be) install of MTL, back to dev
  5. First tries

    ok yeah, i think it must be some kind of driver issue in mt lion also, need to try some more with different sata kexts... here is a screenshot from the system report:
  6. First tries

    done some research, and it seems like chameleon shows all but one disk (the other mac guid formatted data disk). and when mt lion has booted, it shows the one mac formatted (with mt lion, doo) and one of the windows disks, not the other mac formatted data disk...
  7. First tries

    Yeah, I figured it out, got everything working now, thanks for you reply I got one problem though, chameleon doesn't seem to find my other disks :-/ I got 5 disks, 2 of them are Mac (guid) formatted, one with the mt lion install on, the other is a plain data disk The other 3 disks are windows / ntfs formatted. The thing is, only one mac disk and one windows disk is showing... Any suggestions...? I think this is a chameleon issue, cause it was all working 1.5 hours ago with my current lion 10.7.3 chimera install.
  8. First tries

    I have the same problem on my hack... installation went fine, but when i select the machd with mt lion on for the first boot, it just reboots, no kp, just reboots... im using the latest chamelon version...
  9. Airplay mirroring

    then it wont work... you need 5.1 beta 2 for the atv2, and you have be a registered dev to get that firmware.
  10. Airplay mirroring

    the ATV2 needs to updated to the latest beta...
  11. seems pretty hard to get some help here, even some answers...
  12. /com.apple.Boot.plist not found error

    me too...
  13. Need some help...