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    Oh my god, stop reading this David Icke {censored} already - didn't you know that conspiracy theorists were a bunch of idiot crackpots? I read that massive piece of {censored} "The Biggest Secret," by David Icke and that nut says pretty much everything you are saying - though he also thinks that the world is controlled by fourth dimensional Lizard men... You WAKE UP jackass, you have not one shred of empirical evidence to back up your claims - Extraordinary claims require extraordianary evidence - talk about intellectually lazy... And for god's sake, lay off the dope. The truest sign of a paranoid dope head is that they over quote 1984 and the Matrix waaaaay to much, it's such a common disease - honestly...
  2. My new soundblaster live 5.1 card wouldn't work so I swiped an old soundblaster card off my old desktop (about seven years old) and it worked - it picks it up as AC97. It works alright, but on itunes the sound literally fizzles out after a few minutes... The sound starts to crack, the cracking becomes more and more intense, the volume lowers, and sometimes it actually sounds like that part in the first matrix movie when Neo gets covered in that liquid metal stuff and screams... :censored2: Any ideas on fixing this problem.
  3. What happens if someone makes the mistake or registering for x86?