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  1. Lenovo B570

    Greetings, Just wanted to give a quick update on my Lenovo hackintosh. After all the BS I went through earlier with Kernel Panics, I went back and started all over. I used iATKOS_L1 with a Chameleon 14xx bootloader (eventually updated after successful boot). You guys know the rest of the details - I used macinsane's guide (took notes on it too to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes as before). So now, I'm in 10.7.2 running smoothly with no KPs and consistent and quick bootup (no Windows/dual boot on this machine). The only major things that I cannot live without are... Sound : (not working- outputs not showing up in System Prefs) Using AppleHDA - properly installed via KextWizard. and even deleted/reinstalled... Before I was using VoodooHDA but decided against it for stability(KP) issues. Not sure what I'm missing - I'm using macinsane's DSDT.aml file so maybe there is something I'm missing in there. To repeat myself, I'm not an advanced user but am really good at following directions and learn quickly so if anyone can explain what I'm missing. (Also, if someone has already gone over this issue earlier I'll edit this post...) AND... Wifi: I bought an Atheros wifi card (same as macinsane's) to replace the uncompatible stock one. But it only had 1 'lead' as a result was not recognized ...back to ebay to buy another one. After proper installation what steps will I need to go through to get Wifi up and running? Are the provided kexts enough? Really, sound is the biggest issue. I edit video and produce music so its a MUST. Bluetooth would be nice for my wireless mouse/keyboard but not as big a deal as sound. Thanks guys for your support and advice. (and patience) ROCKAVELI
  2. Lenovo B570

    Thanks again macinsane. 1)re:SleepEnabler not deleted - this is entirely possible. 2)re:PowerManagement - I did follow your suggestion for this patch when installing and subsequently updating, but possible I 3)re: working boot drive to copy - I could use the same procedure as before to copy? Booting with iATKOS and using cp command in Terminal? I think its most likely the DSDT.aml missing from the /Extra folder. I believe this file is back in your first post, correct? Thanks again. I'll keep you posted. Forgot to mention that I wiped the hard drive clean of Windows (I had no intention of creating a dual boot system or keeping Windows for that matter) before I installed OS...so MacDrive looks like its out of the question. "-pmVersion=0" command at boot: resulted in kernel panic restart. Does this prove its SleepEnabler causing the error or does it eliminate it as a possibility and narrow it down to NullCPUManagement.kext /DSDT.aml file? ROCKAVELI
  3. Lenovo B570

    Update. I was able to run some programs and backup/cloan my old hard drive with good stability. It wasn't until I decided to reboot that I encountered another Kernel panic... I don't know how to diagnose these. I followed previously mentioned steps from MacInsane regarding an earlier Kernel Panic. I attempted to boot in verbose (-v) mode (holding command+v on restart) as well as entering "pm=Version0" ... no avail (maybe I'm doing this wrong- is there a guide for N00bs like myself to learn how to diagnose fix this?). And of course I deleted my USB drive with iATKOS on it...(which I could've used to atleast get into a working OSX, correct?) FML If this is too much for you guys or if you know somewhere else where I can teach myself a little better. Another update. Reattempted verbose mode successfully and got a nice picture of the detailed kernal panic. Here goes. Most obviously this to me is AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment... so... is this the cause of the kernel panic and if so how do i go about fixing this? Thanks a billion again. ROCKAVELI
  4. Lenovo B570

    Thanks for your encouraging remarks sir, but I have found out that the stock wifi card is an Intel Centrino N1000 which does not to be supported at all*. Best bet appears to be getting a Broadcom or Atheros card or a USB wifi card. Bummer right..? Besides that the Lenovo has been incredibly stable since 10.7.2 Below is an ebay link to an Atheros AR9285(same as your model of Lenovo) that I will be most likely purchasing ...right now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Atheros-AR5B95...=item335bba2379
  5. Lenovo B570

    Ok. Update. First ignore the last two posts. I wasn't reading... So, booted without a problem.(Not sure- no KP) Then followed your instructions. Updated to 10.7.2 and followed kext installs and Repair permissions/Rebuild cache. So far so good. ... Still trying to wrap my brain around Sleep and wifi issues. My model B570 1068 appears to have a Gigabit LAN card and I don't know if there's a fix(kext?) for this or if I might have to go the route another user suggested - swapping LAN/wireless cards with another laptop's compatible card. We shall see. ROCKAVELI
  6. Lenovo B570

    @MacInsane I've updated my Chameleon to 2.1 r1686 and am going to start from scratch. Can GraphicsEnabler=Yes or Should I still proceed without selecting GraphicsEnabler and fixing (as per your detailed instructions) when Lion boots up? Rockaveli
  7. Lenovo B570

    Incredibly helpful. Thanks again. S/L/E = Systems/Library/Extra
  8. Lenovo B570

    Thanks for your quick response and apologize in advance for my cluelessness... in iATKOS I made sure to select FakeSMC and power management. I did run KextUtility on the initial (successful) bootup, but did not install any kexts -NullCPU nor any kexts from modified 2nd attachment(via KextUtility or otherwise). Did not install SleepEnabler or AnyCardReader.kext. In any case, what is the proper method to actually install kexts and when in order (Step 11?)? I'm assuming the easiest way to install the (modified) kexts is with KextUtility and in that case, I will need to reinstall (start at Step 1- see below) so I can run KextUtility directly on the Lenovo. Is this correct? Please correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong- Basically, I have to use that first successful bootup to install all the proper kexts (with KextUtility?) in order to prevent future kernal panics (and other problems)...And the only/best/easiest way to do that (at this point) is to reinstall (aka start fresh with running my iATKOS/chameleon boot drive). <Seems like a lot, but what do I know (Answer: Not alot)> <I will attempt to start in -v (Verbose mode) and see where I'm at there.> Here are my (original) notes simplified/modified from your guide. 1)Format and partition USB drive as Mac OSX/Master Boot Record. Label it iATKOS_L1. 2)Restore iATKOS disk image to USB drive with DiskUtility or Carbon Copy Cloner. 3) Copy smbios.plist (provided in MacInsane's kext folder) to Extras folder on iATKOS drive. 3a) Copy over other kexts (provided in Macto /Extras. Replace (Is step 3 neccessary?) 4) Install Chameleon on iATKOS_L1 USB drive. 5) Start Lenovo. F12 to select boot from USB drive. Wait for iATKOS to start. 6)Troubleshoot/work backwards if iATKOS does not start. 7) Formt & Partition OS hard drive (Mac OSX/MBR) and install iATKOS. 7a) Make sure to select Graphics Enabler (2.1), AHCI Sata, RealtekRTL81xx, PS/2, FakeSMC, powermangement/NullCPU, and other essential items. (Does this step actually install essential kexts or do I still have to install on first Boot?) 8) Restart. Stuck at grey Apple screen - most likely smbio.plist (needed to boot properly) 9) Boot from iATKOS USB drive, run terminal, and copy over smbios.plist (MacBook Pro8,1). 10) Restart. OS X Lion boots nicely. Keyboard, trackpad, webcam, and other essentials work properly. Trackpad a bit jitteryly/not smooth. No wifi/Airport. 11) At this point, I'm a little lost - do I need to install kexts now? Run KextUtility + repair permissions? 11a) Restarted without proper install of kexts, results in Kernal Panic. Start back at 1)? Thinking there's got to be an easier way. Attempt to stay patient with n00bish self... 12) Return to InsanelyMac forum. R0CKAVELI PS- My hope is through the assistance of MacInsane and other members, we can create a more comprehensive guide for Lenovo B570 hackintoshers.
  9. Lenovo B570

    First of all, Thanks to macinsane for the Lenovo b570 install guide and everybody else for providing feedback. I have successfully installed Lion (10.7.1) via iATKOS _L1/chameleon 2.1 (usb stick) following the first few steps of macinsane's guide. I was able to copy over the smbios.plist via Terminal and got a nice first boot (success!?). Tested cd player, keypad, keyboard, apple/option buttons, and other basic functions work. Asked macinsane about his wifi kext and restarted... then Kernal Panic (Fail). My skills are not up to a lot of the other members so I took a picture to see if you guys might be able to diagnose the problem and point me in the right direction. I'm already thinking of reinstalling 10.7.2 so not it's not a big deal to start over from scratch- just need to know what steps I'm missing to get a reliable/consistent boot (most important thing for me at the moment). Thanks again in advance for the assistance and apologies in advance for being a newb (I can follow directions really well tho ) ROCKAVELI