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  1. My very first Hackintosh!

    Thanks, I'll give my best. It just took a few times to completely understand what to do. Sorry.
  2. My very first Hackintosh!

    Well ... That time I got my MacBook and a very powerful PC I hardly used. Someone told me about Linux and, after some time, I started to love it. It's open source, and .. just works! Later, I started programming and discovered, that Unix is waaaay better than Windows or MacOS X could ever be. It's open source, if there are bugs, they don't survive for long, there's lots of great software, it's fast, stable, scalable, reliable. And proprietary operating systems are not. But now I need some proprietary software which just doesn't run on Linux. Adobe CS, ViewNX, .. And I thought, I'd like to combine this with trying to install MacOS X on a PC. My main OS will ever be open source, Linux or BSD, both are amazing. When I found out about Linux, I discovered that Macs are just not what I was looking for. But, still better than Windows, as long as everything works ...
  3. My very first Hackintosh!

    Thank you again. Retail DVD, is this like what's delivered with an iMac? Or the DVD you can buy in usual stores? Since my father has got an iMac, I'm sure we have both of them. And ... What comes next? Simply inserting the CD and booting OS X? Is this actually possible? I thought, MacOS X needs EFI in order to boot? EDIT: Okay, I've got a Retail DVD, Version 10.6.3. But, the DVD drive doesn't boot from this DVD, it just ignores OS X. But, there are no problems booting any Linux distro .. EDIT2: Forgot to mention, it's an IDE drive.
  4. My very first Hackintosh!

    Thank you very much. I searched the forum and the database now ... but couldn't find anything helpful. What you wrote sounds like there wouldn't be any major issues. What distribution should I use, or better, do you have a download link for me? And, is there a guide somewhere? That would exactly be what I need. Once the system has booted, most of the work is done, I think.
  5. My very first Hackintosh!

    Hi there. Well, I used to be a Mac user two years ago, then switched to Linux, now I use FreeBSD. But next to me, there is a computer which has to be hackintoshed. So here are some questions: Is my hardware fully compatible? ASUS P5Q Deluxe Intel C2D E7400 Nvidia GTS450/6600/GT140/8600/ATI 3650, I've more cards available. Sound card ... well I don't know, but that shouldn't be the problem. ... and a S-ATA connected 500GB hard disk by Western Digital, currently there's NetBSD installed on it. What do I do if there's incompatible hardware? Change it or live with it? I think you'd recommend Lion? What distribution should I use? (If I've informed me correctly ... ) Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for my awful English.