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    Leopard Server 10.5 - Unnoticed?

    Greetings, I love my Mac Server, I am currently using 10.4.9 and it does everything I need, acts as a VPN server, hosts my Apache webserver and MySQL dbs. It is the same as my headless BSD server except it has a gorgeous frontend. Torrentflux runs great on it to ;P Regards, {censored}-x
  2. Hey guys, I am not sure if this just popped out of the woodwork, but I believe this is a whole new section of the apple website dedicated to Leopard Server, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere online yet. http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/leopard/ Regards, {censored}-x
  3. Mofo-X

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Greetings, My Source was from Revolution In The Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How The Mac Was Mady By Andy Hertzfeld (Member of the Macintosh Development Team, One of the Original Apple Staff). It is actually a really GREAT book, colorfull and includes some of Steve (Jobs and Woz's) original paperwork/proof designs of the interface etc. A must read if you have the money. Regards, {censored}-X
  4. Mofo-X

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Greetings, Actually the Command Key was put in place when menu layouts were first be created for the Macintosh, originally ALL the menu options had the Apple Logo in them, and Steve Jobs (Yes it was him) thought there were to many and took away emphasis on the corporate logo, he went to their sprite/bitmap designer and she had a new one created over night (I cannot remember her name). Regards, {censored}-X
  5. Greetings, The Airport Enabler flashes the firmware on the actual network adapters shipped with the Core 2 systems (The adapter itself can handle 802.11n) and allows the system to see it as a draft n card. If your card has n capabilities it might be a while, you could modify the kext and try to match vendev ids but chances are nill, the kext will most likely being using EFI firmware on the network card just as their video cards. I personally think this is a useless venture, you would be better off finding the flags used to report your card as an n card and modify the wireless kext currently used to report this feature, just then might your "extreme" card work. Regards, {censored}-x
  6. Mofo-X

    Take One, Leave One

    LG Half Empty or Half Full?
  7. And to answer the question in the previous thread, yes you have to install parallels tools, however, parallels tools for bootcamp was a seperate install and is not required, in fact must be removed before first boot off of bootcamp partition in the new Parallels build. Wow, I even confused myself there. Bottom line, if you installed Parallels tools for bootcamp with the last beta, boot off of bootcamp nativly, uninstall parallels tools for bootcamp, jump into osx, make parallels boot off of bootcamp, and then install parallels tools via the tools menu. Regards, {censored}-x
  8. There are a lot of features and enhancements introduced in this Beta, such as: NEW! USB 2.0 support - “Plug and play” popular USB devices like external hard drives, printers, and scanners, and use them at full native speed. NOTE! Current Build 3094 doesn’t support isochronous devices such as web cameras, microphones, etc. NEW! Full-feature virtual CD/DVD drive - Burn CDs and DVDs directly in virtual machines, and play any copy-protected CD or DVD just like you would on a real PC NEW! Improved Coherence mode - The groundbreaking feature that lets you run Windows applications without seeing Windows just got better! Now you can: Place Windows applications on your Mac desktop or in your application dock. Just click to launch them directly from OS X! Use Command+tab to cycle through Windows and Mac applications simultaneously, and “hide and show” Windows applications just like you would with Mac applications View the Windows Command Console in Coherence mode Use Coherence in Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista! NEW! Better Boot Camp support - Using your Boot Camp partition in Parallels Desktop is now easier than ever. Beta2’s Boot Camp support includes: Full support for FAT32 and NTFS partitions Easy offline configuration. Simply tell Parallels Desktop that you want to create a virtual machine from a Boot Camp Partition and click start. No complicated set up required! No need to re-activate Windows each time you switch between Boot Camp and Parallels. Activate Windows only once inside Parallels and work in both environments IMPORTANT! It is not possible to suspend a Virtual Machine that is connected to Boot Camp as it could result in an unstable system. VERY IMPORTANT! Beta1 (build 3036) users must boot natively into Boot Camp and uninstall Parallels Tools for Boot Camp prior to running it in Beta2 (build 3094). NEW! Parallels Transporter Beta2 bundled - migrate your real Windows PC, or existing VMware or Virtual PC VMs to Parallels virtual machines! Learn more about Parallels Transporter Beta2 >> IMPORTANT! Beta1 users MUST upgrade their Transporter package on their Windows source machine before using Parallels Transporter in Beta2. Failing to do so may result in a system crash and loss of data New Look and Feel - completely redesigned windows and easier to follow dialogues to make Desktop for Mac more user-friendly than ever True “Drag and Drop” functionality - a long awaited feature that lets you seamlessly drag and drop files and folders from Windows to Mac OS X and vice versa Read/Write Boot Camp partition - use your Apple Boot Camp Partition as a virtual HDD for Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine Catalogue - now all of your virtual machines are available through a centralized VM catalogue which appears on each Parallels Desktop for Mac instance One-click Virtual Machine Aliases - automatically create a desktop shortcut for your virtual machine with the OS Installation Assistant, by dragging-and-dropping from title bar, or by pressing Command-Option keys combination. Clicking on Alias automatically starts the Virtual Machine Resizable Main Window - resize the Parallels Desktop for Mac main window as you do with any other Mac application Auto-Adjusting Screen Resolution - Windows auto-adjusts its screen resolution to the actual main window size Improved graphic performance - up to 50% faster! Connect/disconnect USB devices schema improved - no more annoying “wait 5-10 seconds” message on USB device connecting to Parallels Desktop for Mac! Up to 5 Virtual NICs - now each Virtual Machine can have up to five virtual network interfaces Enhanced Shared Networking Mode - run Cisco VPN and many other complex networking applications in conjunction with Connection Sharing Mode To get the Beta Build click the Download button below. Note that in order to activate Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Beta2 (Build 3094) you need a valid activation key. If you are a current Parallels Desktop for Mac user this Update will use your existing activation key. New users need to get a trial key to use the software. For more information and download see http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/beta_testing/
  9. Mofo-X

    No IP over Firewire in Vista

    Greetings, I just ran into this thread today mucking around on IM. I would have to agree on both sides, I personally enjoyed the IPoFW support, however, running a computer store myself I would have to say most people RARELY have access to a firewire plug and NOT an ethernet plug. Ethernet is included in every new system today, and almost every motherboard now includes gigabit ethernet. Yes firewire is faster, you can't run the cables that long however, and most computers in the whitebox/PC market do not include firewire by default unless you purchase a very nice motherboard. My views may be strayed as I have atleast 3 cat 6 drops in every room of my house ;P Regards, {censored}-x
  10. Greetings, This patch was created for .7, it does nothing harmful to your system and would not cause the slow down you are experiencing, all this patch does is fix a few broken symlink on the base install from the .7 Instal DVD that were not working properly, again all this patch does it relink those files. Regarding the -50 error, this is most commonly caused by browsing through the Network in finder and using the incorrect Workgroup name or not suppling proper windows authentication credentials. Regarding the sambafix .6 which was mentioned, it does the exact same thing as this patch. Regards, {censored}-x
  11. Greeting, I wonder if they got the mIRC bug fixed or not? I know in the last beta, if you switched between channels you would have to click in the userlast after each channel change for the userlist to populate. Regards, {censored}-x
  12. Greetings, I have not been able to reproduce any of your problems regarding the -50 error, I would repair permissions on your system, other then that -50 is most commonly an authentication error or permissionsm expecially connecting to an XP Professional or Server 2003 network share. Make sure you make in the popup you enter a proper username on the XP/03 box and that you chancge the Domain/Realm to the proper Workgroup/Domain in use. I have also not tested to see if this is an issue on .8 yet, if you patch the .7 then .8 should not be a problem. Regards, {censored}-x
  13. Mofo-X

    10.4.5 to 10.4.6 Update

    Greetings Nemesish, No I was refering to JaS's updater, it is available on any of those torrent sites and will work, if not you can download the combo update from Apple, use pacifist to install everythign but the new kernel, frameworks and kextx. After install is complete, replace the isntalled bins with SemJazaa's decrypts. Regards, {censored}-x
  14. Mofo-X

    10.4.5 to 10.4.6 Update

    Greetings, You should be able to download that update from Apple directly and patch it, however, I would just backup your video cards kext from your current install, install the the combo update to .7 and then restore your older working kext. Regards, {censored}-x