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    VMware Unlocker for OS X

    I do, has worked for me for the last 3 versions of unlocker. Currently on Esxi 5.1.0 U1 patch 5 and unlocker v1.1.1
  2. I took the leap here and uninstalled unlocker 1.1.0, applied this esxi 5.1.0 patch 5 (rebooted) applied unlocker v1.1.1 (rebooted) my existing ML 10.8.3 came up, upgraded it to 10.8.4, all went well.
  3. He's running 'install' there by executing esxi install... You should only have 3 files from the source (unlock-all-v111\esxi) in "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scripts" You need to "chmod +x" against the 3 files (in your case the "scripts" folder in "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scripts") Execute "./install.sh" (from in your case the "scripts" folder in "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scripts")
  4. Hey guys, has anyone tried the latest patch for ESXi 5.1.0 and unlocker 1.1.1? Name: ESXi510-201307001 Version: 5.1.0 Patch 5 Build: 1157734
  5. Thanks for sharing. Process is 1) uninstall unlocker, 2) Reboot, 3) Apply VMWare Patch (reboot if required), 4) Install unlocker once again, 5) Reboot. Correct?
  6. Oh man, so do you recommend I FIRST uninstall the (just delete the .app ?) unlocker VMTools, then install the ESXi VMTools. Or Just run the install (and hope) it either uninstall's or upgrades the unlocker ones, that explains why I am receiving "unsupported" status for the tools. Yeah, much appreciate all the guidance. Back when I found out about insanelymac and unlocker I was already running a cluster and vCenter, I learned quickly it was a no go. By just removing the control of the host via vCenter was enough, but like you said this baggage must have cared over and was a receipt for bad things to come (which it did ). I will definitely check out the new mini mac's but what do you do to get redundant storage for VMs? at least Raid 1... as I miss vCenter, vMotion, etc....
  7. So I finished (at 2am) installing from scratch/fresh, it was interesting to see how from even the very beginning steps like the usb key, it was partitioned differently by 5.1.0 U1... vmnic's assignments changed, that screwed me up a bit. under 5.0 U1 I had vmnic0-4, now under 5.1.0 U1 I had vmnic 1-5. Getting by mgmt network under my LAG was a mother f'er as I been through this before with 5.0, installing the updated mpt2sas drivers, setting scratch/syslog locations configuration, license, port groups, local balance, all over again, anyways... all the backups and screenshot help out alot. So I was now running 5.1.0 U1 FRESH as a summer breeze Interestingly (this is all before applying unlocker) I was seeing high cpu utilization upon reboots (no VMs running) would last quite some time. During that time the Health Status (CIM) where showing normal with stats. Once the CPU utilization dropped like it should since no VMs where running, the Health Status change to unknown and lost stats... So it is not an unlocker thing (THANKS VMWARE! you figure by U1 things like this would be working). So a nervous as I was, I installed unlocker v110. HOLY SHIZZLES, the test 10.8.3 guest I had waiting, booted that dmg quick fast and I was on my way (you have to use the disk utility to erase the VM disk, then only can you install), no issue between reboots, no issues at all. Proceeded to move on to powering on my previous 10.7.x VM (with the data I need) booted right up!!! So I am back to OS X virtualization, sweet. So only one question I can think of at the moment, VM Tools displays "Running (unsupported)" is that to be expected. I copied the darwin.iso that was included in the unlocker v110 source to the datastore, mounted to the VM and installed those exact tools? Things like "Restart guest" that depend on the Tools seem to work just fine... So clearly upgrading from 5.0 U1 to 5.1.0 U1 was not a good thing when it comes to unlocker... (really at the end of the day, no upgrade from anyone is perfect...) so whether it was vCenter setting left behind or a combination of things, I can say from my experience it was night and day if you want to utilize unlocker. Thanks guys! (Now I have to do my second host an HP DL360 with MSA70, but have to prep that as well for this type of fresh install, need sleep... )
  8. Acestes, there is no option for 10.8 in esx (as it stands now, probably in future updates)i, you just select 10.7 in the settings and install the 10.8.x version you wish. MSoK, Acestes, thanks for your input guys, I guess I have no choice but to backup everything and install from scratch and see if that makes a difference....I have been preparing for a few days now (only get a few hour each night) and hoping to do it tonight (hopefully). P.S. MSoK, I performed the 5.1.0 U1 upgrade via ISO to the USB stick which had 5.0 U1 on it
  9. I'm not sure that since there was no replies if something bad was found with the information I posted. Today, I decided to uninstall unlocker v110, as esxi 5.1.0 U1 Health Status (CIM) and other hardware statuses (like hardware acceleration for storage statues) where all acting up all this time. And since the moment I upgraded from 5.0 U1 to 5.1.0 U1 I installed unlocker v110 I could not be sure if it was a compatibility issue with my hardware and this new version of esxi or unlocker causing it. I can confirm it was indeed unlocker v110 causing it. Everything is perfect now that unlocker v110 is uninstalled. I just took a screenshot of what the esxi Health Status (CIM) looks like when unlocker is not installed and esxi 5.1.0 U1 works properly. WIth unlocker v110 installed all statuses displayed "unknown" (no fan speeds etc...) as well as miss-reporting in other areas via the vSphere client. There were also lags in vm guest consoles when powering up vm's, this too is now functioning properly. Re-running the tests on the osx 10.8.3 guest with the mounted dmg gave the exact behavior (with the unlocker v110 uninstalled), so this version of unlocker is not working properly under esxi 5.1.0 U1 and unfortunately causes other stability (for a lack of better words at the moment) issue with the base esxi. To verify with you, all I did is copy the 3 files (install.sh, uninstall.sh, Unlocker.ESXi) to a folder in my datastore (no other files), than ran chmod +x against the 3 files (they turned green color via putty once that was done) and executed ./install.sh from the path in which they reside on the datastore. The output I posted in a previous post, Donk verified. Your thoughts are appreciated. Output from uninstalling unlocker v110 (Just incase): VMware ESXi 5.0 Unlocker 1.1.0 ============================== Copyright: Dave Parsons 2011-12 Deleting darwin.tgz from boot.cfg... Acquiring lock /tmp/bootbank.lck Editing /bootbank/boot.cfg to remove module darwin.vgz Removing /bootbank/darwin.vgz Please now reboot the host system!
  10. The InstallESD.dmg is good. Since mounting the dmg from the datastore to the vm's virtual IDE CD/DVD did not boot from this mounted dmg (or so I thought), I checked my notes for installing OSX 10.7.x on ESXi 5.0 Followed my notes as if I had a USB mounted (trying to see if the mounted DMG would be seen from the CD/DVD virtual drive) Under the VM's setting -> Select "The next time the virtual machine boots, force entry into the EFI setup screen" Powered on the VM Selected "Boot Manager" and hit the enter key Selected "EFI Internal Shell (Unsupported Option) and hit the enter key (twice) Typed "fs0:" and hit enter Typed "ls" (sure enough it was the Mountain Lion installer, see attached screenshot InstalESD.jpg.) Typed "cd usr\standalone\i386" and hit enter Typed "boot -v npci=0x2000" hit enter (received the following message, see screenshot issue.jpg) re-tried the above step, but just Typed "boot" instead of "boot -v npci=0x2000" and got the grey screen with the circle with a backward slash in it (like not allowed) immediately. SO that means that all this time it was booting from the mounted InstallESD.dmg (from just a plain Power ON, with the dmg mounted) And I'm thinking even though I ran the unlocker, its not patched.... thats why none of my previous OSX VMs are booting either I bet. So what can I supply to help figure this out hopefully.
  11. MSok, back in 5.0 I had a vCenter Server for my two nodes. When I built my first OSX 10.x VM (thanks to unlocker) I noticed it caused havoc by having the vCenter Server managing the nodes (through reading I understood why by Donk, unfortunately), so I chose to live without the vCenter Server nodes, thereby gaining the ability to run OSX VM's. All was well after removing the vCenter Server. So the one node that runs OSX VMs was good in standalone, just plain ESXi 5.0 Now I upgraded 5.0 U1 to 5.1.0 U1 (there just so my main things I would have to re-setup as everything is broken up in vlans, 6 physical nic ports, etc... thus I just upgrade and it did a fine job retaining my entire config). But now the OSX VMs won't boot. Can't understand why, I posted above what the unlocker spit out. Donk verify it was good. So I am tring to see if I can get any NEW osx VM running, but still failing at the moment. I am going to check out the InstallESD.dmg now to make sure that good, by booting it on a physical device.
  12. Thank you for the confirmation, that is exactly what I did last night to test via a new guest vm (set a 1 vproc / 2GB Ram). will not boot, is there any step to be taken to get it to boot that DMG once you power on, or should it boot from it instantly? I will test my DMG on a usb stick on physical hardware tonight to make sure there is no issue with my DMG source. Thank you both very much!
  13. Thank you I wanted to make sure. So the patch installs, but I cannot get the existing or new VM guest's to boot... I have never done a 10.8.3 install yet. On ESXi 5.1.0 can you mount the InstallESD.dmg to the CD of the VM Guest and launch it to start setup? It did not boot for me in this way, so wanted to check how one goes about getting 10.8.3 on ESXi 5.1.0 installed (if anyone has a link?) I want to see if the unlocker patch is actually working or not.
  14. Does this look right for ESXi 5.1.0 U1? VMware ESXi 5.0 Unlocker 1.1.0 ============================== Copyright: Dave Parsons 2011-12 Patching files... Patching bin/vmx File mapped @0x3ffedb4d010 length 16890352 Found OSK0 @ 0x3ffee54c205 Found OSK1 @ 0x3ffee54c23d Found SRVR @ 0x3ffee5902c6 Patching bin/vmx-debug File mapped @0x3ffedb4d010 length 21347720 Found OSK0 @ 0x3ffee675a45 Found OSK1 @ 0x3ffee675a7d Found SRVR @ 0x3ffee6ba406 Patching bin/vmx-stats File mapped @0x7416d0 length 19607592 Found OSK0 @ 0x1160b25 Found OSK1 @ 0x1160b5d Found SRVR @ 0x11a63e6 Patching vmwarebase is not supported on this platform Setting permissions... Creating darwin.tgz... bin/ bin/vmx bin/vmx-debug bin/vmx-stats addr: 0, sz: 10442140, flags: 5 addr: 0x9f7044, sz: 2206780, flags: 6 bin/vmx: textPgs: 2549, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx addr: 0, sz: 11667172, flags: 5 addr: 0xb2277c, sz: 2242564, flags: 6 bin/vmx-debug: textPgs: 2848, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx-debug addr: 0, sz: 10575212, flags: 5 addr: 0xa1665c, sz: 2371908, flags: 6 bin/vmx-stats: textPgs: 2581, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx-stats Adding darwin.tgz to boot.cfg... Acquiring lock /tmp/bootbank.lck Copying darwin.vgz to /bootbank/darwin.vgz Editing /bootbank/boot.cfg to add module darwin.vgz Please now reboot the host system! Refuses to boot existing Lion 10.7.5 Guest VM, same for new 10.8.3 Guest VM. At a loss as to what is wrong I am running an Intel Xeon x3470