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  1. I have an osX86 system running 10.5.5: Core 2 Duo 2.66ghz nVidia 8600 GT 512MB PCI-E video 3GB of RAM 1 internal 500GB drive, native osX partition 1 internal 500GB drive, native Windows Vista (bleck what the computer came with) My computer is set to automatically boot from disk1 which is osX, I have VMware Fusion installed and it recognized my 2nd drive as a bootcamp partition, after a lengthy VWware prep and setup on the drive it lets me run my native Vista HD as a VMware partition. One of the odd things I did notice is created a 5gb file on the osX parition for it, so I'm thinking it's caching a ton of things but its performance is what you'd expect from a VMware Vista install... Vista wants ALL the ram and ALL the cpu, and VMware won't give it to it, so somethings in it work very well and other things not so good. But for 90% of people's purposes it should work well. Firefox408
  2. firefox408

    JaS 10.5.4 GMA 900/950 & PS/2 workaround

    Hi, One thing to check is if you have the correct PS/2 Package installed. Previous versions install fine but don't work, and 1 actually kernel panics when loaded. I updated the main post with the correct PS/2 package that works with JaS 10.5.4 so you don't have to go dig for it. Another thing to check is make sure that your install has the equivalent of the Leopard Graphics update 1.0 installed, someone suggested that on IRC to a Kalyway user and him installing the Graphics Update then re-installing the GMA900 driver worked. Firefox408
  3. firefox408

    JaS 10.5.4 GMA 900/950 & PS/2 workaround

    You need the Extensions.mkext because it has the video driver you need when booting off the CD to initialize the video correctly, the Installer package is what you need to have your system working after the installer is done =) It's a 2 part process, 1 for the booting portion, and 2 for installing the driver on your hard drive Firefox408
  4. 2 possible issues, you might have burned the ISO too fast, some machines really hate DVD disc's burned at max speed, dont ask me why, but my laptop hates 8x burns. Another thing to look at, If you look in the install log it will most likely tell you that the package you tried to install did not exist. There are a few packages that got left off the ISO. make a note of what you tried to install that had an error, restart your install and dont pick that one =) The ones that I know of off the top of my head missing off the JaS ISO are: GMA900/950 Forcedeath-V PS/2 for bootable portion of the ISO. Hope to have a ppf out this upcoming week to address these issues in the meantime just dont select the packages its complaining about Firefox
  5. JaS 10.5.4 GMA 900/950, PS/2 and nForce "waiting for root device..." workaround Trying to install OS X 10.5.4 using JaS’s latest iso?! It gives you nothing but a blue screen when you boot the installer! PS/2 doesn't work? Waiting for root device error? Don’t worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! =) Update: 21 Aug 2008: Using the method below is known to work for booting/installs on: GMA 900 GMA 950 nForce: Waiting for root device... was tested on nForce 650 board that previously did not work There are several issues to getting GMA900/950 working on a 10.5.4 install, if you are using JaS 10.5.4 non patched iso you will have issues that stop you from installing directly off the DVD. Blue screen of death; There isn’t a GMA900 driver on the install DVD Missing GMA900 installer on the DVD Keyboard & built-in trackpad doesn’t work Drivers installed but still blue screen of death There are several methods to get around these issues but I’ll only go into detail for the simpler of them so you can keep said hair and sanity, GMA950 users see the notes at the bottom for files =) 1.Patching the ISO to have the files you need 2.Installing via alternative methods Using a paperclip to enable onboard laptop LCD (GMA900). Dell D610 shown with a very short piece of paperclip bridging the pins to trick the video card into thinking you have an external monitor. Method 1: So you have the courage to patch the iso directly and reburn the disc, good for you! Don’t let the cost of a $.35 disc slow you down! Heh. This method requires that you have either a working Mac OS X install or access to a PC with MacDrive, Transmac or any utility that can mount Mac paritions read-write. But I’ll assume Mac OS X. You will need: Extensions.mkext - This is a replacement mkext for the ISO GMA_900 - Installer for GMA900 QE/CI support in 10.5.x ApplePS2Controller - PS/2 mkext for 10.5.4. Only use on an installed system not for the DVD Mount the iso read-write: sudo hdiutil attach ”Your ISO file’s name” -readwrite Copy the Extensions.mkext file to the mounted iso’s Extensions folder: cp -Rp /path/to/new/Extensions.mkext.kext /”Your mounted ISO“/System/Library/ Copy the unzipped GMA900 installer pkg to the mounted iso in the System/Installer/Packages folder. You need to rename it the same as a package already there that you know you wont be installing. In this case, pick the GMA950, Zydas 802.11USB or another package that you know you don’t need to install. Put the downloaded GMA900 package in its place with the EXACT same file name. You can use the mouse and drag copy this one =) Make sure you change the file permissions so that the installer can read them: sudo chown -R root:wheel /”Your mounted ISO”/System/Library/Extensions.mkext sudo chmod -R 755 /”Your mounted ISO“/System/Library/Extensions.mkext Unmount and burn a DVD from your now patched image, then boot from it. If all went well it should show the installer since you now have the drivers in the mkext for your video card =) sudo hdiutil detach /”Your mounted ISO” Remember when we replaced that package? Well during the install, select GMA950 or the other driver package that you picked the name of to replace for the video drivers and it will install the new driver package that you put in its place =) Method 2: Remove the drive from the laptop (most laptops these days only require 2 screws to take a drive out now) but please make sure the power is off and the battery is out. Either directly attach it to your desktop PC using the appropriate cabling (IDE 3.5” to 2.5” cable adapter) or a USB to IDE adapter (I use an Apricorn Drivewire) Install using the other computer to your laptop drive Once the install is done you will need to run the GMA_900_1053 installer to put the GMA 900 drivers on the laptop’s hard drive. The installer will let you pick the which drive for the install so be sure you pick the right one. =) Change the permissions for the kext files that just got installed, shutdown and re-install the drive in your laptop and enjoy 10.5.4 with video the way it is supposed to! sudo chown -R root:wheel /”Your Mounted ISO”/System/Library/Extensions/* sudo chmod -R 755 /”Your Mounted ISO“/System/Library/Extensions/* It will complain about not being able to change permissions on boot.efi and bootx. This is normal behavior so don’t worry =) Additional Notes: If you have a GMA 950 video card you can use the same method in step 1 above but use: ExtensionsGMA950.mkext.zip - Replacement GMA950 mkext from leo4all v3 GMA950.pkg.zip - GMA950 driver package from Leo4all V3 If you forget to repair the extensions owner and permissions it will boot to a blue/grey screen, the files were installed without the correct permissions and the disc wont boot. Just repair them on your image, burn a new disc and try again =) Hope this helps! Firefox408 http://osx86.darkstar.net
  6. firefox408

    HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    LOL glad someone other than me was doing this, I had a patcher up on my page http://osx86.darkstar.net for ages but was sort of afraid to release it to the general public. Was handing the url out in IRC left and right, just not on the forums =) It's funny it looks like we picked the same image type for the Apple logo, but I had a very high rez image as my source so I'm wondering how much different the two look! Thanks for posting this to the forums for the rest of the DV users!!! Firefox408 ------------------------------------------------------------ Firefox408 at mac.com sckevyn on irc.osx86.hu
  7. firefox408

    hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Hi guys, I dont have the AMD dv6000, got the intel one but one thing I had to do for the install on every dist I tried was to force the system to use 1 cpu for the install, once it was up on the real kernel it worked, but the installs always flipped out otherwise. For the beginner, when your at the bootloader, hit a key to enable you to type commands: cpus=1 It will run slower since its only using one core, but I've installed leo4all about 10 times on my dv6700 and it worked flawlessly using cpus=1. (if your wondering why so many, I was tinkering with QE/CI =) Fox
  8. I never said apple designed the cpu or every chipset in the macs, just they had designed chips and its in a current mac. If I'm so far from the truth, go find a 3rd party board that will install a commercial shrink wrapped copy of OS X. Because that would be the truth. You can't. There is not 1 board you can buy except an Apple made machine that will work without kernel modifications which is borderline illegal in the U.S. under current idiotic laws. In regards to huge companies designing their own chips and technologies and how much money it would take... uh... are you that oblivious to mac history? A little refresh off the top off my head... Apple pioneered 802.11b adoption. They cornered the market for YEARS on it since they co-owned 2 key patents with Lucent for 802.11. Apple shoved AltiVec down Motorola's throat. It was an Apple thing, not Motorolla. Apple developed FireWire aka 1394. Does the term digital video mean anything? Hardware and software based handwriting recognition for computers. Apple invented the mouse. Edit: First commercial use of a mouse =) (sorry for the timeline error, I know alot of stuff came from Xerox Parc just couldn't remember who had it first) one word, iPod =) Apple has innovated quite a few things over the years. So don't just make blanket statements. Overall my statement stands. Apple spends a fortune coming up with new hardware. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't =)
  9. Ok big misconception here, no one makes the board for Apple, Apple makes them. They may subcontract out to someone but the boards are still Apple's. The orginal development boards were provided by Intel but the subsequent boards were made by Apple. Apple is both a hardware and software company. They design their own motherboards and chipsets. If you take apart a modern Mac computer you will see chips with the Apple logo on them as well as on the board itself. Apple motherboards these days have designs and common parts based off the Intel reference platform which is how you can get OS X up and running on whitebox PC hardware, but... The actual shipping boards, are Apple's. They make them. They sell them. It's called a Macintosh. If you want one, go buy it at http://store.apple.com =) If you want to tinker with OS X on whitebox hardware with the least amount of fuss... buy the board that is closest to what Apple used as a development board until their internal board was up and running. As mentioned many times here in the forums it's an actual Intel board. Fox ---------------------------------------------------- Happily running 10.4.8 on Panasonic Toughbook CF-74