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  1. Hello. I'm using iAtkos L2 with my netbook (specs below) and trying to get icloud working. I have heard it should work out of box with iAtkos, for me it didn't. I'm going online with my onboard ethernet, which is en0 and defined built-in so that's OK. I'm currently using SMBios which mimics a MacBookAir4,1. Even remote optical drive function works via my iMac. I have tried the default MacPro3,1 (system runs awfully slow), MacBookAir2,1 (same result as MacPro) and MacBookAir3,1. I have tried Chameleon 1495, 1627VS, 1730 and the default 1650. I generated all the serials with champlist's serial generator, but I get the "AppleID valid but not iCloud account" every time. Or if trying to create a new one, "cant create ID right now, wait and try again". I know my apple ID is OK because I can log in to icloud.com with no problems. Also App Store and iTunes DO work. FaceTime and iCloud do not. Any ideas/others with a Lion netbook? Samsung NC110 Intel Atom n570 @1.66GHz dual 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 Intel GMA3150 (res 1024x600x32 OK, no QE/CI) iAtkos L2 Lion 10.7.2 Chameleon 2.1svn-r1730/1650/1627VS/1495 Built in ethernet OK Huawei 3g usb datacard OK Webcam OK but slow Not rolling: No wifi (card incompatible) No sound (every kext tried just circulate the sound creating a massive beep <_< ) Touchpad+keyboard OK but no scrolling No sleep No iCloud. E// I was able to put a real pushing iCloud account on iCal manually, without the prefpane. But this resets on reboot. :/
  2. (Info) Lion on Asus 1015PX

    I just installed Lion 10.7.2 on my Samsung netbook which has the same processor and graphics. See my procedure: http://uphuck.ggrn.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=18839&sid=96bcf2b9d8f5be2924178c173eb8dc95#p71073 QE is not working tho.