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  1. how much without the HP monitor ?
  2. Just wanted to share my experience. Went from Kalyway 10.5.2 Install - to 10.5.3 using Kaly Combo Update Then 10.5.5 Using Mysticus C's update patches. Alls working well so far, except for About This Mac. My 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo, is being detected as 4Ghz !
  3. DG31PR goes well

    does anyone elses audio have slight static when adjusting volume during song play ? whenever i do instead of the usual sound when adjusting volume, it makes a loud static noise then goes back to normal. any ideas ?
  4. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    Hey Una, Im definitely considering getting one of the Mini's soon. I was trying to look on the forums (M.D.M), but i guess it's down ? The only downside on the M9 for me is the screen size, but the fact you guys got it working 100% OOB is an absolutely amazing feat which is what sold me. I just wanted to know if and how using an external display works using the VGA-Out. Thanks
  5. great. thanks for the help guys, all ive got now is one last question. would this Celeron DC Processor i found work Vanilla & EFI ? Link - Newegg Celeron DC E1500
  6. Ive read that Celeron processors can use EFI and the Vanilla kernel, just wanted a confirmation on that. And if so, does it matter which model, or does it have to be the Celeron D? Thanks.
  7. Ive searched and read some thoughts on this mobo, I dont really have extra money to spend on this computer yet with school and all. Ive got a PSU, Case, and all that already, Just wanted an easy temporary way to get Leopard up and running Some general usage like Web, Email, Music, Movies, Some light Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. The Wiki said it'd work fine, just wanted to be sure it would work with 10.5.6 Vanilla hopefully, and support my Acer LCD max resolution of 1680x1050. Any comments & concerns are appreciated, thanks everyone. The link to the item page is below, Intel Mobo + Atom
  8. Im using Leo4All V3 on an AMD 64x2 rig, loads up perfectly fine, but after installation and the restart, it scrolls through a whole bunch of code before going into a -v looking prompt. then i get hit with this error USBF: 31.808 AppleUSBOHCI[0x43a2000]: :CheckSleepCompatibility OHCI controller will be unloaded across sleep ive got no clue as to what it is, other than a possible usb|firewire error. someone help please?
  9. Help with Dual Boot problem.

    yes, they are on separate drives. gotcha, ill try it right now and report back. still nothing, made OS X my slave and still nothing.
  10. Help with Dual Boot problem.

    hm, i dont think thats the problem. because when i selected it it comes up as a Non-System Disk. Then Darwin reboots the computer, and goes into OS X. Could making XP Primary to avoid Darwin fix it?
  11. As the topic said, im having a little problem with dual booting. Decided i needed windows back for a couple of things. Anyway, Ive got OS X on a master, and XP on a slave drive. Installed XP then OS X, and it dives right into OS X now. Problem is when i press F8 to try and select XP, it comes up as Foriegn OS then when selected doesnt work and makes my computer reboot. Tried using the XP recovery disc to FIXMBR, and Fixboot. No success. Any suggestions? If it means anything, XP is FAT32.
  12. For the past two days ive been desperately trying to fix my audio. I had it working on my last install but i had to re-install because i messed up the kernel I just dont exactly remember how i did it. But ive finally got somewhere using the instructions from this topic Here I was at this same stage last night till i messed it up. Ive checked my audio midi and it says ive got audio and ive checked the sound prefs. It just says no output. Anyone mind telling me what im doing wrong ?
  13. Help With Out of whack text !

    I removed Office completely and still nothing. Hecker, any results ?
  14. Help With Out of whack text !

    And how would i go about uninstalling all the fonts ?
  15. Not sure if this should be here or in OS 10.4 But anyway. I noticed it yesterday night, after installing Microsoft Word from Office my fonts changed and now fonts arent lining up with anything. Its happening in a few Apps like Adium, and a lot of widgets in my Dashboard. Anyone have any idea whats going on? Thanks - Lincx http://img250.imageshack.us/img250/5899/fullscreen1lx1.png