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  1. All good on X299 System
  2. ThunderBolt Drivers

    No. Just try to boot with your original config and my last ssdt
  3. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Add your original config.plist. Without my modification.
  4. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Please send me your original ACPI tables (F4 on clover boot menu)
  5. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Last chance SSDT-TB1.aml and config.plist Send ioreg
  6. ThunderBolt Drivers

    I will send some experimental ssdt later.
  7. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Try this config.plist
  8. ThunderBolt Drivers

    remove ssdt from acpi>patched and replace config.plist I add entry for TB in Arbitrary Device in Config.plist. Boot and send ioreg. config.plist.zip
  9. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Yes. Now I see the extra ports. Please send me your efi folder and press F2 on clover boot menu. I won't to look to you boot.log.
  10. HWSensors3

    -Support for dual gpu -Fun speed showing good value -better support for temp sensor.
  11. HWSensors3

    Good work, but unfortunately I have to use your HWMonitorSMC 2 with Kozlek FakeSMC. Better support for new radeon and Skylake X.
  12. ThunderBolt Drivers

    This only renaming for the device like in iMacPro. It have no influence for hardware working. I don't know where is the issue. I only have expired with Asus TB3. Maybe in Gigabyte TB is some big differences.
  13. ThunderBolt Drivers

    But I see that ssdt is injected correct. Now maybe try to change some bios settings if hot swap still not work. Enable/Disable 4G decoding.
  14. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Just now I see that you have PC00 no PCI0 in ioreg. Try now. SSDT-RP05.aml
  15. ThunderBolt Drivers

    ssdt is working. If hot swap still not work try to enable or disable 4G decoding in bios.