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  1. rollOver

    using my DSDT in lion

    I am using the DSDT I used in snow, I am also booting with chameleon 1003 direct from an SSD drive, no USB boot necessary. This of course means little to you because both could vary depending on your hardware config, mainly your motherboard. To get specific answers you're going to need to post the run-down on your system. Also, this board is for post-install issues, you really want Lion install for these questions. Good luck!
  2. rollOver

    Asus UL20A

    I have one of these on the way, (the 1.3 core2duo version) I will be glad to help however I can. Any progress?
  3. rollOver

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    working for me (Rosewill internal 52-in-1 Card Reader RCR-102) YMMV
  4. rollOver

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    I bought the HIS 512 GDDR3 version with the iceIII passive cooler, because I have two fairly large flat screens I want to drive with it. There was a $15 rebate which made it about the same price as the 256 cards so I bit. The id is one digit removed from the ones posted here (last digit 8 instead of 9) not sure if that is significant or not. It's running about 55º C so I am concerned that the GPU is running too hot. I replaced the paste and a shadow of the ATI etch was burned into the heatsink on one side so I don't think it was evenly applied. I also put much more paste around the tubes that run to the back of the card as it looked pretty skimpy before. This got me to the 55º down about 10º from where it was. I am going to add a fan over the slots tonight to see if that makes any difference. The red pixes over dark areas of videos and the red scramble lines are making me very nervous!
  5. rollOver

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    oh, but it DOES, I can attest! Did a Kalyway install (over an existing partition), applied all the patches linked from this thread, deleted my old natitx1600.kext and it fired right up with the new hd2600XT card on DVI, haven't tested dual monitors yet, will do tonight!
  6. rollOver

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    up and running on DVI, great -- like others here getting the flickering red one pixel lines over video, etc. Any resolution to this, say with the 10.5.2 kexts?
  7. For those who, like me, have to struggle to boot our hackintoshes because of Asus sata configs: "Samsung 20x DVD Burner recently dropped in price to $30 with free shipping. It's one of the best ones on the market." (not my commentary) newegg linky
  8. rollOver

    Firewire PCI card... Which one?

    Bought the Adaptec 1890600 Fireconnect 4300 that sold on the recent woot off for nine ninty-five. Like others here works fine, no drivers--shows up as a "Firewire Bus" maximum speed: Up to 400 Mb/sec. It does not show up in the PCI Card list on an ASUS P5B motherboard rig. Now I can use my Nikon Coolscan and old-school 1st gen iPod on my hackintosh, yeah!
  9. rollOver

    Question for those with AppleTV hacked to run OSX

    jodo 1. Shutdown--yes, you can shutdown, although my box seems to "hang" on the blue screen, not powering off but it does "shut down" the USB chain so that I can safely remove the external drive which I use to boot. It does successfully restart. 2. HDMI--I have my aTV connected via HDMI to a Westinghouse LVM-37W3 and haven't had any difficulties except the ordinary HDMI weirdness of having to be certain the monitor is on first, which is made harder because the aTV is always on unless you pull the cord (really Apple, would it have killed you to include a power button on this thing?) I have also used component to the same, no problems at all. I haven't tried a non-widescreen and I believe the resolution is "locked down" in the kernel that's available. The awkward wiki is currently testing a patch which activates QE, etc. awkward wiki. 3. Audio/Wireless--built-in audio is not yet working as far as I am aware, wireless networking does work flawlessly. Ethernet requires a patch which I haven't tried yet but it is reported to work. I haven't tried an external USB-based audio set, that's an idea!
  10. rollOver

    Question for those with AppleTV hacked to run OSX

    The problem is that Quicktime does not currently support true 5.1 (inherently), and I think that is the point of the originator of the post.
  11. rollOver

    Question for those with AppleTV hacked to run OSX

    In looking around to be certain I wasn't missing the obvious, I find that awkward TV is reporting: Not sure who, or how this was checked since the modified kernel doesn't yet support the sound harware.
  12. rollOver

    Question for those with AppleTV hacked to run OSX

    I tried this and DVD Player won't run (no DVD drive, quits) VLC or system finds no audio device on my aTV, so I must not have the boot drive set up with the appropriate plist and/or kext. If someone can fill me in on how to do this I will gladly retest. I did put a D-Link G600 Wireless Network Storage device on the network and had no difficulty mounting the share and copying files, etc.
  13. rollOver

    Question for those with AppleTV hacked to run OSX

    I will check this tonight if someone else doesn't beat me to it, are you interested in VLC audio out or DVD Player specifically? I was only able to connect wirelessly and I didn't have any other machines on the wireless network when I had the aTV booted. Ethernet apparently is not supported, at least it was dimmed on my aTV.
  14. My aTV is in but my cables aren't--so I am eager to see if anyone has tried this using VLC on the aTV perhaps? I have an eyeTV and I would love to use the aTV to play these .ts streams without transcoding them.