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  1. Experimental Intel SpeedStep kext

    the most reliable way is to read the "kern.cputhrottle_curfreq" value using sysctl. just do: sudo sysctl -a kern.cputhrottle_curfreq
  2. SpeedStep GUI

    Hey Guys, I've kinda abandoned the project so I've decided to release the sources.. I'd be really happy if someone continues working on it... peace out, tuxx SpeedStep_src.zip
  3. SpeedStep GUI

    I'm not quite sure why it would be causing such an error. I'm working on a new release with a guy from irc. Let's see if the new release fixes your problem check if the kext is loaded properly.. perhaps fix permissions. Try loading it manually. Also, is your kernel speedstep-able? you might want to load the kext and then check the last few lines of "sudo dmesg" and paste them here.
  4. SpeedStep GUI

    I'll be releasing an update to this software shortly, which will include: saving your settings a safer solution hopefully more rubust application Please stay tuned.. and i'm open to feature suggestions tuxx
  5. SpeedStep GUI

    Hey ViennaL, yea you are right.. this actually offers no way of stepping frequencies aggressively at all.. I actually want to rework the CPU stepping rountine.. because currently how it works is it tests every 0.5seconds if the cpu is using more than max_threshold % (threshold) and if it is then it will step up by _1_ frequency and check again.. and maybe step again by _1_ frequency.. if it drops below the min_threshhold % then it will step down by _1_ frquency again. This is slightly retarded ofcourse ... instead I should have it check the absolute value and step up to the highest frequency immediately if its at nearly 100% etc. also it is a known "issue" (if thats what you want to call it) that preferences does not save to any configuration file. I have yet to implement that.. i started actually and i have a semi-functional beta for it.. but its still too buggy for release.. i will release it soon though hopefully.. anyways: I'll do my best to get this working soon, tuxx
  6. SpeedStep GUI

    whats the difference? its a whole different program.. I really didnt like dcpu manager or any other stepping guis so i decided to write my own. Well this app allows you to set a custom speed (like when you are playing games) so you wont have to worry about it stepping down or such. Or you can adjust the thresholds so that it will step more agressively. tuxx
  7. SpeedStep GUI

    very understandable. do you have the kext loaded? also try the lastest version (build from last night) should be a lot more stable than the previous version... available at my website: http://tuxx.arpspoof.org/SpeedStep.tgz tuxx
  8. SpeedStep GUI

    hey everyone, heres an update on the speedstepper.. i managed to implement support for the min/max threshhold... wld be greatful if some ppl could try out this app for me.. thx, tuxx
  9. SpeedStep GUI

    actually it doesnt need either java nor x11 its pure cocoa obj-c are you on irc? i'm on irc.osx86.hu as tuxx.. pm me.. and we can try to get it fixed.. tuxx
  10. SpeedStep GUI

    to start it without password entry do the following: sudo chown -R 0:0 SpeedStep.app sudo chmod +s SpeedStep.app/Contents/MacOS/SpeedStep then it should start with suid and not require a password entry... tuxx hm very strange, i'm not sure why you are getting that... i'll look into it later.. sorry about that
  11. SpeedStep GUI

    As desribed above the preferences window is a dummy and not working yet. I will explain min and max threshold once i get them working I hope this app reaches some popularity! I really think its the nicest most straightforward and lightweight gui for speedstepping available at this time. so SPREAD THE word tuxx
  12. Hi guys, i've been working on this cpu throttle GUI since two days now and I feel it has reached a stage where I can release a binary version to the public for testing. I appreciate all the feedback I can get and am open to improvement suggestions. This App requires ACPICPUThrottle.kext to be loaded... Please dont ask for me to release code just yet. I may at some point release the source but for now I prefer it closed. Installation: load the ACPICPUThrottle.kext make sure no other Steppers are running such as CPUThrottleCtrl, DCPUManager, etc... start the application and enter your password (requires suid). Known Issues: Preferences window is a "dummy" so far.. I am working on the preferences these days and will report back when i have it functioning Preference Sliders work but the buttons are still not functioning. Screenshot: http://tuxx.bdn.de/old/pic1.png
  13. Hi guys, the update method worked fine for me too, except for two issues. 1) I lost the battery indicator in the menu bar... I did backup and replace the PowerManagement.bundle with the version from 10.4.8 but still no luck. Also removing AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext has no effect. Any other suggestions? 2) My IOPCCardFamily driver stoped detecting my PCMCIA motorola Wifi card which is 100% compatible with IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext and was working fine in 10.4.6/10.4.8 I had to tweak the IOPCCardFamily driver using the method described on this guide to make it work for 10.4.6/10.4.8: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&pid=206566 grateful for any ideas you guys might have.., tuxx
  14. Hi, I just upated my 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 and my modified IOPCCardFamily.kext stopped working... I am using the same kext as before (replaced 10.4.9 one with my backup from 10.4.8)... does anyone know why this might have happened? Thanks, tuxx
  15. ahahah you broke off your clamshell detection pin? lool... that's brilliant!