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  1. I have been using both MAC and PC for 10 years now on a daily basis. Honestly both will do the job. I personally prefer MAC as i find it more stable never had the OS crash on me while working. Can't say the same for WN. The user experience is definitely more sleek under MAC. I find WIN a bit distracting. If you can spare the cash, go for the MAC otherwise start with a PC and build from there.
  2. Hello So here is my story. My MB Pro recently died on me. Faulty Logic board and no apple care. The MB is a 15" 2008 model. 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with a super drive. Now since my iMac optical drive also died on me a few months back, I was wondering if it is possible to transfer the optical drive from the MB to the iMac. Has anyone done it before? iMac is also a 2008 model 2.4 Ghz - 20" I have seen a few walkthroughs of how to dismantle an iMac and the MB on the web but before starting I just want to confirm if it will be compatible and save me the hassle of opening my iMac. Many thanks A.M