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  1. Mountain Lion: ALC268 on Acer Aspire 5920G

    hi..how you are getting Mountain Lion on your Acer? Do you have a step to step guide?I got the same Notebook-but i cant get it to run.. plzzz help.. can send your answear to osna76@live.de thanks a lot
  2. Acer aspire 5920g

    Need help...want to try install snow Lion or Mountain on my notebook...which bootloader i need,which Chimera Version...tried all but even SL 10.6.8 wont run...install isnt a prob,but when i install Chimera or chamäleon bootloader...it hangs after reboot and nothing i can do to run MAC OS...grrr....
  3. AMD PC Instalation

    I would say Snow Leopard.. you can try Hazard 10.6.6i or make a SL Retail installation... and update after to 10.6.8 You can youse lots of boot CDS...try which ones workes osna1976
  4. Hi there, i got a big Problem with my Hackingtosh... My Mainboard: ECS GF8100VM-M3 AMD Athlon x2 5000+ 4 GB DDR2 800MHZ RAM 250GB SATA HDD SATA DL DVD BURNER SPEEDLINK USB SOUNDCARD SL 10.6.8 installed ( so far, it works perfekt-just the USB dont ) 1. When i go to Bios i set the USB Controller to Enabeld and set Legacy USB to enabeld i cant use it under Hackingtosh 2. When i go to Bios i set the USB Controller to Enabeld and set Legacy USB to disabeld i can use it.... but .... when i try to Install Retail DVD of Snow Leopard from USB i cant select BOOT from USB Drive,because the Boot from USB works just when i enable LEGACY USB in Bios Settings, but then Hackingtosh cant find the USB Device and i cant install.. What is the Problem?? The next Question is : Is there a USB kext for my USB Device?Because when i start Hazard or other Distros, there comes always error messages with appleusbEHCI.. dont know what to do.. Is there a way how i can Install a Retail DVD of SL that will works for me? Tried Navcoms Boot CD with Retail DVD and thats dont work for me.. always comes the message, Error reading the disk, please try to clean it carefully...grrrrr..... please help... thx a lot.. yours osna1976