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    Hey Guys! I'm having issues with this board too, but it's getting worse. First I had the crackling noise with the VoodooHDA (and often had kernel panics because this kext). But I've managed to fix this problem by installing the 0.2.1 version and deleting AppleHDA kext. It worked for a day. Next day when I tuned on my machine the audio gone again. I reinstalled the voodoo kext but nothing. - I have 2 HDD's for opsystems. 1 for Win7 and 1 for the OSX. - So I booted up Win to see to have audio there, but I didn't had any sound either. Then I disconnected the HDD with the OSX on it, and voila I had sound on Windows... I did this with the OSX but with no luck... So now I have sound on Windows IF the HDD with the mac on it is disconnected, but I don't have any sound the opposite way (on OSX with win HDD disconnected). I don't have any ideas whats going on, and I really new to OSX86. Can someone help me please?! Almost forgot, I have iATKOS L1 OSX Lion 10.7.1 installed and use DSDT-t from tonymacx86 database.