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  1. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    Ok, some sort of decent shots. The glass panel + flash shows up loads of finger prints! Putting the glass panel on involved 30 mins of continual cleaning to get every finger print, hair off etc! Here's the back As you can see done a pretty crude implementation into a basic project box. This is attached to the stand via strong double sided tape (License plate tape!). Works a treat, holds on fine & up high enough so enough slack on the cables to move the monitor up and down.. The small cable hanging out is the isight. Have yet to work out how to put a usb connector on the end of this as struggling to find the pinouts. Here is is all finished The glass panel had a metal strip around the inside & the strong magnets from the inside of the case hold it on. As I said before, a much better job could be done by someone more skilled than me, but for my purposes it's fine. From the front and side the monitor looks brand new & project case hidden from view. If you know what you're doing you can get it all squeezed in. If you can find a busted Cinema display on ebay, go for it. The parts needed to repair the cinema display are extortionate so look out for ones with smashed LCD panels & glass & get hold of a Korean monitor & it's fairly easy to put it all in. Hated how Apple locked the lovely looking cinema display to Mini Display port & now thunderbolt & how this restricted proper hack use. Finally have a DVI cinema display that can last me for generations of hacks. Certainly looks a lot better than its old case..
  2. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    After 2 weeks of being lost in the US postal service my glass panel finally arrived! Excuse the cr@p pictures but little light in my study & no flash on iPad. Will post some decent ones tmrw.
  3. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    Not hard at all. You just pull off the front bezel which is held on by double sided tape. Unscrew the white border & then a few screws to take the panel out. All that is inside is just that tiny board! This is the video that taught me. Watch the ending of it which shows re-assembly.. http://teksyndicate.com/videos/shimian-qh270-lite-teardown-and-repair-baking-pcb-fix-cold-solder-joint
  4. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    Lol. Still waiting on the glass panel to arrive from the States Got a cheap project box & fitted the circuit board in & attached to the back of the stand with double sided tape. Not happy with this as it was a bit rushed but it's safer & out of site. All working fine still. Once the glass arrives will put up the pics as it'll be finished then.
  5. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    It certainly would be possible to fit the whole enclosure into the chassis, have no doubt about that. I am a bit of a dremel newbie & after losing lots of blood and skin trying to cut through the g5 case wanted to keep any hacking away to a minimum! I would of had to have made holes for the dvi port which I did't fancy as I would of ruined it. As such I didn't actually have to do any dremel work. All of the ACD components and boards come out easily & all the housing brackets that everything screws into are held on with extremely stong tape in the inside. The solution I found was to remove the apple logo at the back which lets me run the wires through. This is the ACD torn down, as you can see has way more components than the korean equivalents! thunderbolt_display_teardown.jpg I'm sure plenty of people on here who can do amazing things with their G5 customisation could achieve a much better all in one result though All of the korean models seem to use the pretty much the same all in one board image004.jpg Also plan on putting a usb connector on the end of the isight module to have that up and running as well. Have attached the technician's guide which shows all the inside components. You could easily put a usb hub inside to re-use the usb ports on the back as well.
  6. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    I thought about trying an iMac as would have no problem fitting inside one. You can buy an empty 27" iMac case without stand for around £80 on ebay, but then you'd need another £90 for the glass panel & you also need the frame which goes around the lcd panel which also has the magnets on it to hold the glass on which I couldn't find. Also the stands are another £30-80 & you also need a bracket inside to mount the stand on (if you weren't wall mounting it). I was hoping I may be able to keep it original as all the internal components still worked & get the dvi adaptor but whilst the korean monitors are the same panel, Apple use a different connectors
  7. Been after a 27" cinema display to complete my hackintosh setup. Come very close to buying one, but always been put off by the price & the fact I'd also have to spend £100 on another converter to allow dual link dvi to be converted to mdp. In the end I ended up buying one of the Korean models which have the same LED panel (Achieva Shimian 27). Been really pleased with this monitor for the last 6 months but the thing just looks cheap and nasty on my desk & completely out of place with all my nice shiny apple stuff. After a bit of browsing on ebay for cinema displays I found a broken one for sale as parts. LCD and front glass was smashed so sold as parts only for £150. Did a bit of googling to see what the insides of the Shimian were like & whether it would be possible to put inside a cinema display chassis. Whilst the Apple cinema display consists of 2 large logic boards, speakers, subwoofer etc, the cheapy korean's only have 1 small circuit board that does everything & a very tiny power board. Went for it & gutted all the insides from the ACD & put my panel in without problem. Couldn't quite fit both the Shimian's board in, but came close. The problem was the DVI cable was a bit too thick & the internal leads from the circuit board to the panel were a bit too short Came up with a compromise & have the circuit board outside of the chassis & have ordered a project box that I'm going to fit this into & attach to the rear of the monitor. Not dangerous as such a low voltage (shimian has an external power brick). Doesn't bother me as the back isn't visible, but very pleased to now have a proper cinema display to match the rest of my hackintosh. Got a new glass panel on order from ebay & then she'll be complete! Looks a bit scruffy at the back but this will be tidied up once project box attached to the back.
  8. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Cable is superb. Looks great and works perfectly!
  9. Laser cut Aluminium backplates

    Just like to say that I received Dave's 120mm backplate and matx motherboard tray. Now have a hackintosh fitting perfectly in a g5 case. The motherboard tray is absolutely superb & makes it so easy to install. Really pleased with it. Most importantly have my 120mm push/pull watercooling unit installed so hackintosh is whisper quiet and nice and cool. Cannot recommend his products highly enough. I just had to do a bit of basic dremel work & everything else was so easy and straightforward. Just waiting for my front cable panel to come from Alohacab & it'll all be finished.