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  1. Intel GMA X3100

    Hi Hooked, I've got the same graphic card and webcam and I would love to try the kext you used. Unfortunately, it seems I can't access onekoncctv.com nor the files you uploaded. Could you post the zip anywhere else (rapidshare or equivalent ?) Thanks a lot, F.
  2. LCD Brightness

    Hi MacVaio I am glad it works for you too on both Tiger and Leo Regarding a new post for that, I think that looking for "LCD brightness" will drive anyone to the current thread, so it is pretty easy for anybody to find it. However, if you want to share it with other in a separate thread, feel free to do so.
  3. LCD Brightness

    Hi Niko, I think I found it on a previous 10.4.3 Install DVD. I can't remember exactly which because I keep a separate copy of every 10.4.x extensions, in a folder of my harddrive, for easier testing purpose. You will find a copy of the kext here : http://rapidshare.com/files/82669658/AIIFBk.zip.html Let me know if it works for you too. Btw, I recently discovered that there is no need to enter the bios. The LCD brightness can be adjusted while the Toshiba Logo is still on screen. It does not let much time to adjust the brightness, but it is still faster than enter/exit the bios.
  4. LCD Brightness

    Hi, I might have found a solution without any use of third-party software : (well it works on Toshiba L40 with mobo Intel 82945GM, Graphic GMA950, Koolkal 10.4.10 update on Jas 10.4.8) Here is what I did : - Check and install the last bios update from the Toshiba website (for my laptop = Bios 2.20) (the update needs Windows or a Floppy disk , who uses this crappy stuff nowadays ?) - Reboot and press F2 on "Toshiba" boot screen (enter the BIOS) - Decrease (Fn + F6) or increase (Fn + F7) the brightness of the LCD panel - Save and exit the BIOS and boot on the hard drive. The grey apple boots with a lower brightness but the login screen might put it back to the higher level: It seems that this is caused by AppleIntelIntegratedfFramebuffer.kext I have replaced mine by the version from 10.4.3 Do the usual chown, chmod, remove kextcache repairpermissions and reboot Et voilà !!! This trick is not wonderful, as you still need to reboot in the Bios everytime you want to change the LCD brightness, but at least it will save your battery life (about 75% more time with the lower brightness level !!!).