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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the helpin advance! For some reason, my fan doesn't seem to run, only while booting for few seconds, then nothing :s I've looked everywhere and couldnt find any clues as to why.. perhaps editing the dsdt would fix it somehow..? Thanks again
  2. No Disk Utility on L2

    Really, no one...?
  3. No Disk Utility on L2

    Hi everyone, I'm having the following issue after install: basically disk utility doesn't work... :/ it opens, detects the drives, but it can't repair or verify permission/disk.. Thats kinda troublesome as we relay allot on that. any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  4. Issue with LION install

    Have you tried to place the HDD where you have installed Lion in first place in boot order? perhaps changin Disk type to a different type would do too, AHCI... etc
  5. Hi imhack10! Thank you very much for the post, it did for me, after many failed attempts. cpu trick works like a charm, only thing is that for some reason it tends to reset itself, so I have to go back to single core and do the procedure again... any clues..? anyway, my main problem is the Ethernet.... my intel pro 100 VE.. I just cant get it to work.. it doesn't show in the devices list at all.. I've tried almost everything I think.. downloaded several IONetworkFamily.kext from different sources, tried to edit the AppleIntel8255x.kext plist file... I'm running out of ideas! Would really appreciate the help, thanks in advanced