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  1. Sure, i have a perfectly running GIGABYTE X299 UD4 Pro running with i9-7900X and a Vega56 (flashed to 64) - all watercooled That's my geekbench: https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/4892297 A solid watercooling solution is a must have for this kind of setup. I use 2 x 3x240 radiator and i love the silence.
  2. I have problems with Amazon Prime on my system under HighSierra 10.13. AmazonPrime videos are played in HighSierra with 720p, in Windows 10 with 1080p. Graphics card is a Vega 56 (flashed to 64), monitor (1440p) connected via DP, Shiki.kext is installed (but makes no sense), CPU is an Intel i9 7900X. Movies/trailers with DRM can be played without problems. Someone have some tips for me to solve my problem? PS: In Photoshop I have to deactivate the checkbox "Use native operating system GPU acceleration", otherwise the program crashes after a few clicks. But I've activated GPU acceleration and it works, but not the "native" GPU acceleration. Maybe there is still a problem with the graphics card. (running now native, OOB)
  3. Thx for all the help. Something is different with a dual processor Z600/Z620. This is only a problem with High Sierra, if I try Sierra 10.12.6 it works flawless and smooth. Non of the hints and tools worked for my machine, so i give up and sold it. Beautiful machine, but have no time to wait...no up2date macOS - no way for the machine. Next try with i9-7900x...fingers crossed.
  4. Trying to patch my DSDT, but did not have any "CPUSCK" inside. I attached my clover folder, maybe someone can have a look what i'm missing. Patched CUU0-CUU3 in my config.plist but it makes no difference - still kernel panic. CLOVER.zip
  5. Thx for your PDF, but i know this guide und unfortunaly did not help. I crawled the internet for every hint. Sierra 10.12.6 is running fine, but HighSierra 10.13 crashed with kernel panic in the early bootprocess. (to fast for a screenshot) I'm using clover 4210, fakesmc.kext and RehabMan USBInjectAll.kext maybe i missed something
  6. Is there someone who has made it to run HighSierra on a z620 dual-cpu-setup? This thing is driving me up the wall. It could be my 5th hackintosh, but i just can not get him up and running. Any users with a z620? Any hints for special z620-beast?
  7. Is there a way to switch from 48 kHz to 41.1 kHz ? Cepstral Voices need this.
  8. Eizo75

    Working Driver Realtek 8187 (Snow Leopard)

    This works great for me. Running SL 10.5.6 in 64-bit mode. Only the Alfa-Tool running in 32-bit mode, but no problem. It works great.
  9. Eizo75

    Chameleon v2 Howto?

    Gibt es eine saubere Lösung ? Selbes Problem bei mir. disk1 snow leopard mit chameleon v2 disk2 osx 10.5 disk3 win xp disk4 daten Alle Platten bzw. OS werden schön von Chameleon angezeigt, leider bootet er nicht ins XP -> Bildschirm schwarz - blinkender Cursor Vom Bios aus mit Auswahl der zu bootenden Platte gehts ohne Probleme ins XP. Danke