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  1. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    I don't think that Steve Jobs sould step down, in about a year or two he should step down for a new CEO but still be in the board. That's what I think. Everybody can be replaced, but Steve Jobs is Steve Jobs.
  2. Canon Rebel XTi

    you can't get that, since the sensor on the 300/350/400d from the 1d. The algoritms on the sensor are so different on the 1D from the **0D series. The most obvious difference is that the 1D's pics are very grey and "lifeless" straight out from the camera. They need more post-processing that the **0D pics, RAW or JPEG
  3. Canon Rebel XTi

    I got a sweet deal on a eos 300d with 3 or 4 lenses, plus that i have 3 canon EF lenses already. So i'm buyin that one, to start with.. And when the eos 40d comes out, i'm having that one as soon as i can..