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  1. Acer C720 Chromebook Intel HD Graphics (Haswell GT1 0a06)

    I'm trying to install Yosemite on my HP Stream Mini (using Celeron 2957U, almost the same as your 2955U). I've just got a response from RehabMan that Haswell GT1 is not supported, that's just disappointed, but i'm not giving up. I admired your works, Leon. Unfortunately all attachments on this forum has lost. It'd be very helpful if you can re-up your DSDT, i've tried patch myself, following your steps but then I cannot boot to Yosemite anymore. I just don't understand why the device 0a06 is very close to 0a16, but it's completely unsupported I've heard someone has partly succeeded by InjectEDID extracted from Windows. Can someone please explain that technique? I don't have any clue where to begin. I'd be very appreciated.
  2. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Thank you Slice, for clearing that up. Do you think it's because of buggy kext of Yosemite? Can you suggest anything else I can do with my R7 260X? I'm getting 7~10fps on Basic preset of Heaven Engine, while it's 30~50fps on High preset with Windows 8.1
  3. I'm having R7 260x, but along with i5 650, and booting with Clover is smoothly. I'm using FakeID as following (0x66401002 or 0x665C1002): <dict> <key>FakeID</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <string>0x66401002</string> </dict> </dict> ... <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>FBName</key> <string>Futomaki</string> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <true/> <key>Intel</key> <false/> <key>NVidia</key> <false/> </dict> <key>InjectEDID</key> <true/> <key>LoadVBios</key> <true/> <key>VRAM</key> <integer>2048</integer> <key>VideoPorts</key> <integer>4</integer> </dict> Hope it can help.
  4. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    I also have an AMD R7 260x and have tried @Slice suggestion, but still having very low benchmark (Heaven Engine). Please tell me that AMD Connector patch is mandatory, that's all i need to know before i dig into that brain-eating stuff